Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Recap

I know I've been a bit absent during the month of January, but that doesn't mean the running stopped. In fact, I had a pretty solid month of marathon prep and managed to squeeze in most of my planned runs around my expanded work schedule (because who doesn't want start the year by working overtime).  That is not a complaint, just the reality of what's been up.

Miles: 164.3
Not all of those 164 miles were this pretty, but I sure enjoyed them when they were.

Races: None, but it still was a great month over all.
Most of my miles actually looked like this. Make it work!

Highpoint of the month: I trained hard this month and really started to see the results in my running. Some the strength and tempo workouts I completed this month would not have been possible (or at least not nearly as enjoyable) a few months ago. My training plan has been intense: I've been tired, I've been hungry, but I've also really enjoyed the challenge and have seen the impact. We also had a tiny bit of snow and it was really fun to have winter for a full 36 hours.

Not so highpoint of the month: I missed a few workouts. I tried to limit it to easy runs by shifting around workouts, but during a busy work week last week, I missed a tempo run. But if that's the low point, I'm really ok with it.

What I'm looking forward to in February: Um, it's race month! I can't tell you how excited I am for race weekend. Our team gets along so well it's become almost like a family reunion each year. On top of that, the Jayhawk will be running his second half marathon while we are there, and I've got a few other surprises. I can't wait. *Must focus on work for 1 more week*
How did your year start off? What was the highlight of your January?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

26.2 with DONNA Training Week 13

Monday: I got stuck at work late. I hate missing runs, but if I have to miss one, I rather it be an easy workout. Must remind myself to stop picking goal races that have peak mileage when my work is 'in season'.
Planned: Easy 7 miles   Actual: Rest
Tuesday: Back at it! I wasn't going to miss this one. While I still don't like shorter speed work, I am really enjoying these longer interval workouts! They are challenging without being impossible.
Planned: 3x2 mile repeats  Actual: 8 miles with 3x2 miles @8:13/mile
Wednesday: I went to the grocery store. Yep. That is how I spend my free time on the rest day.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
Thursday: Felt good. I am getting really comfortable with my goal pace and this is definitely a workout I could not have completed with this level of comfort 3 months ago. Now to just hold the pace for another 17 miles. Gulp.
Planned: 9 miles tempo  Actual: 10 miles with 9 @8:34/mile
Friday: Got stuck late at work again. On a Friday no less. I was more than a little annoyed when I left work and given that my next run was about 12 hours away, I chose margaritas over an easy 6.
Planned: Easy 6   Actual: Rest
Saturday: Ur, didn't really stick to easy pace as described, but the weather was so perfect and fun and happy. Ok, I'm out of excuses. I just wanted to run around like a crazy fool and it was fun. #Honesty
Planned: 6 miles easy  Actual: 6 miles (8:20/mile)
Sunday: I ran the first 7+ with the Jayhawk on his long run, and then stopped by the house to refill my bottle. Unfortunately my stomach started cramping (TMI, I know) and I spent the next 9 miles really uncomfortable. To add to the fun, there were 20mph wind gusts. Not my favorite 16 miler ever, but it's done.
Planned: 16 miles  Actual: 16.5 miles (7.35@9:43/mile and 9.15@8:50/mile)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

26.2 with DONNA Training Week 11

Monday: I ran down to Lullwater park for a change of scenery. I felt like I was running an ok pace, but my garmin kept reading slower (Maybe from all the trees and tiny turns?), so I may have pushed a little more than intended to accommodate (yes, I should know better).
Planned: Easy 5  Actual: 5.2 miles
Tuesday: Woke up with some soreness and decided to take the day off. I don't think Monday was as easy as intended, so I mixed up the schedule a bit to accommodate it.
Planned: 6x1 mile  Actual: Rest
Wednesday: My soreness was better, but there is still one specific spot in my right quad that I need to keep an eye on. For the most part, it's fine when running, but it's very noticeable when going down stairs.
Planned: Rest  Actual: 6 easy (9:16/mile)
Thursday: Managed to make it to the gym before they closed and avoid the absolute monsoon outside. Atlanta got around 7 inches of rain in 48hours. I was very happy to be watching the puddles from indoors on the treadmill. Run went well and I am beginning to feel more confident about my pace.
Planned: 8 Tempo  Actual: 10 miles (8 @ 8:34/mile)
Queen of the Naughty list waiting for Santa Paws.
Friday: You know it's an odd year when you go for a run on Christmas day in shorts and a tank top. It was in the 70s and incredible humid from all the rain Georgia's been getting, so I was very sweaty for such an easy run.
Planned: Easy 5  Actual: 5 easy (9:24/mile)
Even the chickens in our neighborhood had stockings.
Saturday: Joined the Jayhawk on his long run. It was still humid and hot, but there were hints of sunshine which is a nice change from the amazing amounts of rain we've been having.
Planned: Easy 8  Actual: 8 easy (9:48/mile)
Sunday: This was not a great run from the start. I never felt like I had bounce in my legs, it was 70+, and humid. I just couldn't get in the grove and I sweated my butt off. I was pretty happy when it was over. Long runs can't all be amazing during a training cycle, and this one sure wasn't, but I am still happy I did it and happy to see my pace was in range of my long run target on a tough day.
Planned: Long 16  Actual: 15.1 miles (9:18/mile)
When I ran by the first time, the artist was putting the finishing touches on this one.

How was your week? Are you having unseasonable weather too?
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