Thursday, August 28, 2014

50k Training by the numbers

It's go time. Or as my dad would say, the hay is in the barn.  Let's just hope there is enough hay to get me through 50+k.

So let's recap what got me here:

New states raced in: 2 (Missouri and Colorado)

Breweries Visited: 6

Five cross-training activities (Vacuuming not pictured)
  Countless Beautiful Runs

Many Sources of Inspiration

Thanks to everyone for the support, comments, patience, words of wisdom, and advice. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Monday, August 25, 2014

50k Training Week 15: 8/18-8/24

Last recap before race day! Since I usually post my training recaps on Monday morning, week 16 won't pop-up until after race day. Try to contain your excitement.

Monday: Rested with some light yoga and stretching.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
Tuesday: It felt really weird to only run 4 miles. For some reason, I get impatient in shorter runs because I feel like they should be over faster.
Planned: 4 miles  Actual: 4 miles (8:39/mile pace)

Wednesday: It was one of those days where I didn't feel like running, but I got in 5.  Why do those days always seem to happen more during taper? I'm probably just looking forward to race day too much!
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:42/mile pace)
Thursday: When I ran with the Jayhawk last Saturday, his shoe came untied at least 4 times.  No joke. 4 times in 7 miles. I found it kind of nuts! So when I was contacted by the friendly folks at Lace Locker this week asking if I wanted to try/review their product, I jumped on it.  The Jayhawk doesn't double knot his laces because it puts a weird and uncomfortable pressure point on his foot, so the lace locker looked like the perfect solution. Anyways, it arrived today and he tried it out on his run: 3.5 mile no shoe tying stops! It might save our running dates.
Planned: 4 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:44/mile pace)
Note: the Jayhawk rocks the black lace locker, but I didn't catch a pic. (Source)
Friday: We had a pretty hot weekend here with high humidity, so it really started to freak me out in terms of race day weather. I've been readjusting my goals and race plan to accommodate high heat, and trying to mentally be ready for it. Oh, and stalking the weather report of course.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
Saturday: Joined a friend from work on her group run. Their whole gang is training for the Savannah Rock n' Roll half together. It was nice to get in some miles in a totally different area and to meet some new faces. Plus, they start/finish at a coffee shop so what could be better?!
Planned: 10 miles  Actual: 8 miles (10:00/mile pace)

Sunday: Took it easy on the treadmill.  The Jayhawk knocked out 8 in the humidity (his longest run ever) and declared that the Lace Lockers are awesome because he didn't have to stop once. Success!
Planned: 4 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:41/mile pace)

How was your week? Any good racing stories to share?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five: Things to do while tapering

1. Read. Because during training you always fell asleep when attempting this activity. This can also double as race prep and motivation.
Currently in the middle of: Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness (Affiliate link)
I'm really enjoying it and getting in the mind of one of the top Ultrarunners is great mental prep for me right now. He is funny, tough as nails, and really inspirational. I definitely see me reading this more that once.
Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner's Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America (Affiliate link)
Recently finished this one and I really enjoyed it. Originally ran into it in a used book store and was drawn in by the title, but the book was even better than expected. Marshall is an amazing ultrarunner who did a Quad-Badwater and a coast to coast run across the US.  Another great look into the mentality of ultrarunning.

2. Paint your toe nails. Great activity to hide your frightening black and blue nails and allow you to still wear flip-flops in public without scaring small children.
You really don't want me to zoom in any closer. I've finally lost all the blistered skin from the Troop Trot but the myriad of black and blue toenails remain.

3. Try a new beer. Because carbo loading is an important part of the tapering process. (Note: beers should be consumed individually, not en masse, otherwise you will end up running hungover). This week I tried two beers one very local and one very not local.
The White Hops from Three Taverns brewery here in Atlanta.
Three Taverns is a small, new brewery (just turned 1) and I am loving their stuff. I stumbled on it because it is across the street from the Monster's kennel. I don't think their distribution is very big yet so it might be difficult to find outside the city, but their White Hops is excellent. The Jayhawk describes it as " light, refreshing, and packed with flavor".
The second pick of the week is Koko Brown from Kona Brewing. It's a great brown ale brewed with toasted coconut (yep, they had me at coconut), but it's a darker beer without being too heavy. The Jayhawk loved that it was smooth and without any bitterness.

4. Cook something. You need to fuel up for the big race, right?! On day two of taper, the Jayhawk actually joked that he was going to send out a search party to find me because I was being way too domestic to be EB. Probably worth mentioning that by that point I had already cooked 5 new recipes and showed no signs of slowing down. Highlights include Spiced Oat and Pear Blondies (they were rather yummy), Rigatoni and cheese casserole with mint and peas, Pineapple mojitos, and Cold soba noodles with miso, lime and ginger. Can't wait to see what the second week of taper brings.
The lemon zest and mint made the rigatoni cassarole taste much lighter than expected. Loved it!
5. Make sacrifices to the weather gods. Because this just isn't funny. It was 91 today, feels like 97.  That's crazy hot when you are running 31+ miles. Please send me some positive juju on this one folks.
Here's to hoping those record lows return in time for race day.
What are your favorite taper time activities? What is your dream race weather?
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