Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miles for Dollars

Last night I had this crazy idea to challenge my friends on Facebook to donate to 26.2 with DONNA.
And they responded. In the first 12 hours they donated $45. Yes, mathletes, that means I have 45 miles to run(not all at once because that would be even crazier than the post itself).
The running ribbon was still out on my Sunday run here in Atlanta.
Now I'm including you in the challenge. For every dollar donated by midnight on Sunday December 21 EST, I will dedicate a training mile in honor of you and your awesomeness*. As a donor you will get a warm feeling in your heart from doing something good, a tax deduction, a personal note from me about your miles, and a shout out here when your miles are in my weekly recap.

Click here to donate (or just watch the miles stack up).

So let's see what you got folks. How many miles can you make me train?

*I know the original facebook post says run, but I reserve the right to include crosstraining miles if you all get crazy generous and donate big.

Monday, December 15, 2014

26.2 with DONNA Training Week 3

Monday: My legs were a bit tired from Sunday. No major aches or pains, just tired. But I got some awesome mail, so I was motivated.
Planned: XT  Actual: 8.85 miles biking

Tuesday: Oh, look, this pace feels nice.
Planned: 6 miles  Actual: 6 miles (8:43/mile pace)

Wednesday: Felt really good again today.
Planned: 8 miles  Actual: 8 miles (8:43/mile pace)

Thursday: Is it Groundhog Day, because I can only seem to run one pace these days.
Planned: 4 miles  Actual: 4 miles (8:44/mile pace)

Friday: I didn't run, but I wouldn't say I rested. I met up with the DONNA crew for the Galloway VIP party (not sure how we got on the list for this one). I was lucky enough to meet both Bill Rogers and Bart Yasso, who is amused by southern accents. Fun fact: Bill Rogers and Jeff Galloway were on the same running team in college at a tiny school in New England. Talk about a powerhouse. Second Fun fact: My Brother went to the same college, but he was a hockey player.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest
 The DONNA Ambassadors: Marcia, Katie, and some girl you rarely see without her running clothes.
Boston Billy Rogers, Jeff Galloway, and Bart Yasso. 
Saturday: Ever have one of those days where you sleep horribly and wake up sore and achy? I did. My legs were so sore when I woke up, I couldn't imagine forcing them into a 20 miler. When I set up my training plan for this cycle, I put in three 20 milers knowing well that one of them probably wouldn't happen and this was the one. After quickly ramping up the miles after Chickamauga I knew that this one could get the ax.
Planned: 20 miles  Actual: Lots of rolling.

Sunday: Spent the morning cheering along the runners at the inaugural Galloway 13.1. 26.2 with DONNA sponsored a dance party water stop and though we were small in number, we were big in spirit! It was a very chilly morning for cheering (34 at the start) and I nearly lost a few fingers due to the cold, but I did see Frank who was cruising through his first half marathon! All apologies Frank if I screamed at you cheered too loudly. The music was a bit loud at our stop. :) You looked strong when you came by and I'm looking forward to reading your recap! Also, huge THANK YOU to all the Ladies who came out to help! Atlanta runners are the best!
Myself, Jen, and Katie. FYI, Katie plays a mean air guitar. We took our cheering seriously.
Cheering and volunteering was so inspiring (or maybe it was all the donuts and coffee we drank?), that after I returned home and thawed out, I headed out for my own miles. I decided to mix up my normal route (Emory area) and head down to the location of our water stop and Piedmont park. It was a perfect day for a run, but I quickly remembered why I don't usually run this direction: many long, slow hills. I swear I tried to slow my pace down, but apparently I only run one pace these days (see all paces for the week). This was by far one of the harder workouts I've done lately and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Piedmont Park is in the heart of Atlanta.
Planned: 4 miles  Actual: 15.25 miles (8:40/mile pace)
All in all, another good week. I am happy that I listened to my body and it worked out for a good long run, but I still need to work on pacing. I had a blast volunteering with all the wonderful ladies at the Galloway race and encourage you all to volunteer once in awhile. Bring friends, it's much more fun that way!

How was your week? Do like volunteering at races?

Monday, December 8, 2014

26.2 with DONNA Training Weeks#1 and #2

I did a few work outs the week after the race (cycling, short runs of two miles or less), but nothing that really taxed my body in any way. Overall, I felt really good. I did have some mild soreness, but nothing really out of the ordinary for marathon recovery. I let myself have a really relaxed two weeks and if I couldn't fit in a work out or didn't feel like it, I didn't stress at all. If I wanted an extra beer with dinner, I had it. A good two weeks overall, but I'm ready to run again.


Planned: XT Actual: 10.2 miles biking (17:49 mph)
Planned: 4 miles Actual: 4 miles (8:41/mile)
Planned: 8 miles Actual: None, oops. :)
Thursday: I'm not sure if I was excited for Thanksgiving dinner or just loving the beautiful weather, but I thoroughly enjoyed this run and the pace shocked me a little. Proceeded to go home and eat for the rest of the day.
Planned: 5 miles Actual: 5.5 miles (7:59/mile pace)
Friday: Sent the Jayhawk on his super long work trip. :(
Planned: Rest Actual: Rest
Planned: 10 miles Actual: 5 miles (8:46/mile pace)
Planned: 6 miles Actual: None.


Monday: I like cross training on the bike because A. I like to ride my bicycle (Any Queen fans?) and B. There are personal TVs on the stationary bikes so I can watch old sitcoms and zone out. Today's workout was brought to you by old episodes of Friends.
Planned: XT  Actual: 7.7 miles Bike (18:48 mph ave)

Tuesday: Nothing too special. Trying to keep my easy run pace below 8:50, but not too far below. So far, it feels comfortable.
Planned: 5 miles Actual: 5 miles (8:40/mile pace)

Wednesday: I was a little worried about how I was going to handle my mid-week longish runs now that it gets dark so early. I didn't get to start this one until 6pm, but managed to knock it out on the treadmill without complaining any trouble. I celebrated by watching the Beer Mile with a good beer which seconds after this photo was knocked off the coffee table, landing upside down on the carpet and turned into an absolute beer fountain. I then had to wrestle the Monster because she is an avid beer fan and was eagerly trying to help clean up and I didn't want her having that much. So in conclusion, I missed most of the beer mile.
Planned: 8 miles Actual: 8 miles (8:40/mile pace)

Thursday: This was one I my harder workouts for the week. I really had trouble mentally staying with it on this run. I was just tired after a long workday. But I put on my big girl pants and got it done.
Planned: 4 miles Actual: 4 miles (8:41/mile pace)
I wore my awesome new DONNA Ambassador shirt to cheer myself up!
Friday: And rest I did. With my first official 6 day a week workout schedule, I was happy to enjoy a rest day. I rested so hard, my big toenail fell off. That's right folks, there was a quitter on the team. Can I paint skin?
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Saturday: Awoke to find it raining cats and dogs style. Since I wasn't in the mood for 16 miles on the treadmill, I made the executive decision to flip-flop my weekend workouts.
Planned: 16 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:49/mile pace)

Sunday: Unfortunately by flip-flopping my workouts, I ended up with a really busy Sunday. So busy that I didn't have time for 16 consecutive miles unless I started at 5am (not happening) or 5pm. I decided to split it into two runs with 9 in the morning and 6.3 in the evening. In between I met up with fellow 26.2 with DONNA ambassador Katie to do a little curb service for the mile we are sponsoring in this weekend's Galloway 13.1. We stopped by every house on mile 9 to give them a packet with maracas, poster, and info about the race to encourage them to come out and cheer. If you are running, keep an eye out for us at the 8/9 water stop! It should be pinktastic!
Katie and I enjoying a beautiful Atlanta day and pinking out the mile!
After finishing up the rest of my day, I hit the streets again for the end of my run. It was faster than expected due to a few things: 1. I was hungry. 2. After chicking a 17year old boy twice over the course of my run, he caught up with me at a long red light and immediately dropped down and started doing push-ups (Not kidding) and then followed it up with lunges. Just to keep him in check, I went quick off the line and left him in my dust. Yes, I am a bit competitive especially when you give me a reason to put you in your place. This led to very quick last 1.25 miles. 3. I was really hungry.
Proper long run refueling.
Planned: 5 miles Actual: 15.3 miles (8:48/mile for the first 9; 8:13/mile for the last 6.3)

How was your week?  What do you do with less daylight? Do you hit the treadmill?
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