Friday, December 18, 2009

Fuelin' up Friday

I've been working on my mid-run fueling (I think I am an expert on couch based fueling at this point). I've been trying a new type each week during my long runs to find one I can stomach and to get in the habit of fueling. First up I tried Clif Shot Strawberry. Man, these things don't go down easy! It was really a classy moment to be honest. I was standing on the front lawn of a large local church choking down the gel and chasing it with Gatorade. Thank heavens it was a Saturday, because I put on quite a show. It tasted kind of like the filling of a Fig Newton, not horrible, but not really what I wanted to eat while cranking out 12 miles. It took a little effort and a lot of water, but I only managed to make it through half. Some is better than none!

This past weekend I opted for the Clif Shot Razz. It tasted better than the strawberry, but it was also about 20 degrees cooler out (maybe my taste buds were frozen). Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, so instead over wretching in front of the local church, I took my fuel in a local park. Once again, I only made it through half, but mainly because an odd man was eyeing me from a park bench the whole time, so I decided to pick up the pace and get the
heck out of there.
This week I am moving on to Gu. I went down to the local running store this week and bought 4 different flavors of Gu so hopefully one of them is the fuel of my dreams. Up first is Espresso Love. I love coffee so I have a good feeling about this one.

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  1. Hey girl! Hope Santa brought you many-a-running-gear this season :) Do me a huge fave and consider visiting us for the Warrior Dash in May. It'll be a fun deviation from the marathon norm


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