Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A runner's Festivus wish list

With only 7 shopping days left until Festivus, 9 shopping days until Xmas, and Chanukah in full swing, its time to put together a wish list for those still shopping for the runner in their life.

1. A Road ID. Every runner/cyclist/avid early AM dog walker should have one. I have been rather lazy about getting one, but honestly, I have no excuse. Get one.
2. Running Capris. Living in the Southeast I am constantly experiencing 'in between' weather. Sometimes the full tights are too much and shorts are too little. Plus, I think they just look cute and there is nothing wrong with looking cute when hot and sweaty. (Note: this gift may be more appropriate for the lady runners in your life).
3. A headlamp! It is well known that I am one of the more clumsy creatures around, and having a little extra light during dawn and dusk runs sure could help. Plus, there are some late night runs in my future, but more about that later.
4. A Reflective vest and lights. I'm not kidding about the night running and I really like the idea of running around with a strobe light strapped to my butt and I can't fit in my dog's vest.
5. Race Fees! Does sell gift cards? How cool would that be?
6. Fuel that I can actually stomach! The Achilles heel of my marathoning career! I've been testing out new fuels on my long runs. Stay tuned for reviews. All recommendations are welcome.
7. Kicks! A girl (and a runner) can never have too many.
8. A treadmill. Ok, I might be reaching here, but a girl can dream can't she? I would never have an excuse again. Plus, I could use it for doggy energy draining when I'm not on it.
9. A new Running Skirt. Clover green please.
10. Recovery Socks. My feet swell like Xmas hams. I've moved up two shoe sizes in the past two years. I'll try anything to help.
Happy Shopping.

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