Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wanted: Running Minion

Looking for an energetic and eager individual to assist in preparation and maintenance of gear related to running. Individual must be able to work independently and irregular hours. One position is vacant and desired start date is ASAP.

Duties include (but are not limited to): Maintaining an adequate supply of clean running garments and recovery clothes, ensuring the electrical capabilities of both iPOD and Garmin devices, cleaning and filling Fuelbelt bottles, preparation of Gatorade, providing accurate and timely weather reports, supplying fuel/water refills and high-fives on long runs, research and development of slogans and t-shirts for race day.

Skills necessary: Strong sense of smell and sniff test capabilities (for gear and shoes), ability to mix perfect strength Gatorade, knowledge of shoe rotation principles, ability to use a hot glue gun, affinity for duct tape, access to car or bike.

Skills preferred: minimum knowledge of running, ability to walk the dog. Advanced training in back and foot rubbing and/or stretching a plus.

Benefits include: being part of a winning team…..or at least a team that participates. Limited pay available, but significant opportunities for experience and advancement. Opportunities for exotic travel (locations include but are not limited to Alabama, Florida, rural Georgia, and Woodstock NY).

Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Please provide Resume, statement of career goals, references, and mile time.

1 comment:

  1. did you find a minion?
    man i would love one haha.
    esp one to follow me and set up water stops on my long runs.


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