Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby its Cold outside.

Yesterday I ran the Red Nose Half down in Columbus, GA and it was a bit chilly. Like so cold the water at the aid stations was frozen. Luckily the gatorade remained liquid because sucking on ice chips was not going to hydrate me or help keep my core temp up.

I had never been to Columbus and had no idea what to expect. I planned on using the race for training because it was free (with encouraged donations to a local charity). The local running club organized it and they did a wonderful job! They had a small indoor area for everyone to gather pre/post race for snacks and warmth. The volunteers along the course were friendly and encouraging which was amazing considering I couldn't even feel my lips by the end and was certain they were so swollen that I was going to look like Jennifer Coolidge at the finish line. The course ran along a river on a nice exertrail and was very scenic. However, there was a bit of wind coming off the water, so I had trouble keeping loose. The temp never got out of the teens during the race and that is not including windchill. I thought around mile 6 that I finally was warm, but we turned around at mile 8 and the headwind immediately caused my hips to tighten up.

For the rest of the race I had to focus on lengthening my stride because my hips were tight I could feel my stride getting all wacky. I did enjoy the distinct smell of freshly cooked donuts along the course, though I was a bit distracted trying to find the source. I felt incredibly slow during the race, but ended up running at my usual long run pace and was pretty surprised at the finish (2:05 finish, definitely not a PR, but I am considering it a PR-T, PR at Temp). All in all, I was really happy with the race. I would definitely do it again and I think in nicer weather it is a PR-able course.
Here I am still fully layered up at the finish. Still got some good ponytail bounce going. (credit)

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