Friday, January 22, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

Ok, time for another fuel report. I have to admit I slacked off a little bit in my fueling. I did not fuel during my half two weeks ago, but in my defense the aid water was frozen and the thought of digging my gu out from somewhere deep in my sportsbra was not going to fly.

Now that I am back on track, here are my latest thoughts. I tried the Espresso Love Gu and found it to be ok. I had high hopes for this one because I am a big coffee fan and the name sounds like a D-list Romantic comedy set in a Starbucks, but it kind of had that burnt coffee taste that I am not so fond of. The good news is that I managed to take the entire thing! (It's really baby-steps around here). Up next for this weekend I have a few options. I have a couple of Gu (either Tri-berry or Chocolate outrage). I kind of expect to have some sort of incredible hulk moment after the Chocolate Outrage, so runners in the ATL be on the look out Saturday morning. Also, I'll bring along some cliffshot blocks (cran-razz) because I know I can get those down, but I never seem to get much of a boost from them.

Another important part of fueling is the post workout feeding frenzy. I love to eat and I tend to do a lot of it after longruns. This weekend I have planned one of the longest runs in my marathon training (20 miles), and part of my motivation all week has been planning my post run foods. Right now I am thinking about chocolate chip pancakes. In fact I've been thinking about them for 4 days. I'm hoping my desire for chocolate chip pancakes will push me through the last tough miles. Oh, the things we use as motivation. I'll keep you posted on the pancakes! Oh, yeah and the Gu and training stuff too.
Happy Friday!

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