Friday, January 29, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

Greetings and Happy Friday to all!
As I eluded to in Sunday's post, fueling did not go well for Saturday's long run and I definitely felt my gears starting to grind by the end of it. All I managed to consume was 1/2 a Tri-Berry Gu and 2 cran-razz cliffshot blocks. The thick consistency of Gu is most of my problem. I just don't understand how people can choke down a mouth full of vaseline mid-run?! I try to take them like shots complete with gatorade chaser, but usually end up giving up half way through. I had left a pack of cliff shot blocks on the hood of the car because they are so bulky to carry but I wanted them available just in case (thank heavens). I don't get much of a kick from cliff shot blocks, but I know they will go down ok and are better than nothing.

I headed over to Big Peach on Monday and the girls there were super helpful and understanding. They recommended I try some of the powerbar gels because they are much more liquidy (except for the chocolate flavor for some odd reason). I picked out a Double Latte and I am excited to try it this weekend. It has 27g of carbs and 50mg of caffeine so that should really put a boost in a my giddy up. They also recommended to try some of the Hammer gels because they have a wide variety of flavors (powerbar has limited flavors) and are made with real ingredients, not just chemicals. I picked out apple-cinnamon because I was told it 'tastes like pie filling' and who doesn't like pie? It contains 23g of carbs and no caffeine so it might be a good option as well. Now if they could only make a donut flavor.

Odd random tidbit for the day: Did you know that the Cliff Family of products also has a winery and farm? Me neither. I came across it today when I was getting links to blocks for you all. Anywho, they have a nice little organic Winery out in Napa (I feel a genius race idea coming on). Can anyone think of a better beverage to celebrate a good race?!

Hopefully fueling goes a little better this weekend. Happy weekend and running to all!

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  1. I'm not a Gu fan either, too thick. I stick with the more liquidy PowerBar gels and love 'em. Especially the Raspberry & Apple flavored ones. Yum, yum!!!

    Haven't tried Hammer gels though. You'll have to let me know how they work for you.

    Good luck this weekend!


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