Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hot pants!

So running Santa never found me this Christmas. Maybe it was because I wrote a Festivus Wish list or maybe it was guilt by association because I live with a canine who was ineligible for gifts due to bad behavior. Either way, I took it upon myself to reward last weekend's 19 miler with new running garb: Running Capris! Since I am a baller on a budget, I headed off to the local Target and I ended up getting some nice Champion ones similar to these (mine have a little bit of reflective material on them). I really wanted a pair because my full length tights are fairly thick and almost too warm for anything over 40 degrees. I have also notice a few times lately while stretching after runs (yep, still sticking with that resolution!) that my hamstrings and butt are pretty cold in just shorts.

Anywho, I broke out the new capris this morning for a quick 3.25 mile hill workout, even though it was probably more long tights weather (I could see my breath). The good news is that I didn't freeze off any of my valuable bits and I really liked them! Not only do they create the illusion of womanly curves that I have always been dreaming of (I have the body type of a 14 year old boy), I felt that they kept me warmer than shorts.

I also managed to make it over to Big Peach for some fueling guidance and alternatives after Saturday's debacle. More on that during Fridays fuel report. There is hope for me yet.

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