Thursday, January 21, 2010

I heart the dreadmill

Significant rains forced me indoors this morning and of course once I was comfortably a few miles into my run, the skies clear and sun popped out. Oh well, at least I still have dry sneakers and a spot by the windows. It had been at least a month since I have had a date with the dreadmill. We have a mostly hate relationship (really, there's no love between us). I've never been able to decide if its the heat or the boredom that I hate more, but nonetheless, there I was cranking out a tempo run. I was inspired to make it a good one after reading Runner's World Exposé on the dreadmill and workout recommendations. If so many people can make peace with the devil machine, maybe I should give it another try. I decided to go with a progressive tempo run. I started out at my typical 'short run' pace and after two miles I started upping the speed (every half mile for mile #3 and then every quarter mile for miles 4+). It went really well. Not only was I able to force myself to up my tempo late in my run, it really helped keep my interest. I also felt like I got a pretty good workout in short amount of time (35 min).
Now, I'm not going to say that the dreadmill and I have made up, but I see how I can better use it in my training to push my pace and after last week, I know I need to. I was still sweating like a pig by the end and probably resembled a tomato, but I still consider it a victory.
egb 1, dreadmill 0.

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