Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Speed Wonder

This week I had a 45 minute tempo run, a 5k for speed, and an easy 5 miler on the to do list (and of course the long-run for the weekend). I decided to use the same 5.25 mile loop for the tempo and easy runs because I like the loop and because I do what I want. I ran the tempo on Tuesday with no hiccups and headed out for the easy 5 today. Both runs went well, unfortunately I ran the same exact time for the two runs. Hmmm, so much for calling them 'tempo' and 'easy'. To be honest, the 'easy run' was actually 5 seconds slower, so its nice to know that I spot myself a second a mile when I am going easy on myself. There was a 15 degree difference between the two days, so maybe I was able to warm up a lot faster today and wasn't wasting energy keeping loose. Either way, its good to know I am consistent, but speed work is definitely going on my things to improve list.
In other news, the sun has returned to the ATL! It was in the 40's today, so I got to dust off some shorts (much to the horror of the residents of ATL) and enjoy some sunlight during my miles. Rumor is that its only going to get hotter for the weekend. nothing like a 40+ degree swing in a week.

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