Sunday, January 3, 2010

Running Resolutions and Goals

It's New Years so its time to get around to scribbling down some resolutions and goals for the year (obviously, timeliness wasn't high on the list). I always find writing it down makes it more official and forces me to be more accountable (I guess publicizing it does too). Without further ado, here is my list.

1. R-e-s-p-e-c-t stretching and cross training! I enjoy running so much that I have allowed myself to become a bit of a 'one trick pony' if you will. I am horrendous about stretching. I do the classic bend over for 30 seconds like you are touching your toes after each run and then head to the car or the fridge for some gatorade. Well, no more of that! I am going to treat stretching with the respect it deserves. I've picked out a nice little 6 move stretching routine from Runner's World that focuses on opening up the hips (my hips don't lie, they are the source of any troubles with my stride). So far my dog thinks move number 5 is the funniest things she has ever seen me do and causes her to bounce around with doggy giggles.

Bonuses: Stretching helps keep injuries away and extra flexibility is a benefit in all aspects of life! Cross training can be done at the gym when it is dark and cold out without the danger of being hit by a car/raped/mugged.

2. Consistency! My schedule is variable to put it nicely these days. Everyday of the week is different and things change greatly from week to week. Running constantly makes me feel good and gives me a sense of accomplishment. So for the new year, when the E gets busy, she is going to keep on running. I've set a modest goal of 3 runs per week so I can focus on quality runs. Also, this gives me the choice to pick which days fit my week. Any extra time can be used for cross training (see item #1).

Bonuses: With the less is more plan there is a better chance of success and less opportunity for me to feel bad about missing runs. No reason for running to be a source of stress in my life!

3. Get back to racing. My schedule (and wallet) kept me from racing as much as I would have liked in 2009. Racing is fun, reminds me of why I lace up the kicks each time, and creates great training goals. I'm not looking at any major quantity for 2010, but I want to try different events and have better quality races by focusing on improving specific elements (fueling, PRs, speed work).

Bonuses: New events will bring new challenges and new goals will help me with item #2.

4. Stay positive. Training is hard especially for long programs. I tend to have things snowball when something goes wrong with training. I miss one long run due to weather and then life bumps me from a tempo run the next week and then all of a sudden I feel behind and start putting pressure on myself to make each run go perfectly as planned. This year I want to take a deep breath, remember that running is for enjoyment, and stay calm. I'll still get to the finish line one way or another. Might as well enjoy the journey.

Bonuses: Happy thoughts are always a good idea.

Ok, that is my short list for the year. Feel free to keep me accountable or share your resolutions and goals!

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