Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Confronting Mother Nature.

Mother Nature, we’ve got to talk.

I’m not sure when our relationship went bad, but you’ve taken it too far. When you produced that bizarro Wizard of Oz inspired day for my Halloween Half (70*& cloudy at the start, then by mile 2, 50* & raining so hard my shoes were squishy for the rest of the race), I nearly froze to death and was an odd shade of blue at the finish. I was running with a first-timer and not worried about time, so I forgave you. Then when I volunteered for the Thanksgiving Half and you produced a perfect running day, I was bummed to not be running, but enjoyed the sun nonetheless. And then this past January, when I ran the Red Nose Half and you decided I didn’t need water or feeling in my facial features, I forgave you because I was just using it as a training run.

But this time you have taken it too far. When I looked up the weather for my rapidly approaching full and saw this:

I knew it was personal.

What the hell is that anyway? Are you going to be throwing ice cubes at me all morning? Is Vodka on the rocks going to be falling from the sky? Does this mean that the heavens finally got their icemaker to work? Ug. I’m serious. I am a good, earth friendly person. I walk to work everyday. I recycle and I pick up my dog’s poop. I volunteer at races and encourage others to start the sport. Give a girl a break and stop picking on me on race day!

I am giving you 9 days to fix this.

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