Friday, February 5, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

Quick apology for Wednesday’s whiny tirade on Mother Nature. She does the best she can and I didn’t mean to freak out on her. The good news is that the forecast has changed and ice cubes are out of the forecast! Now I just have to worry about finishing 26.2 miles!

On to Friday’s fuel report.

As I mentioned on Sunday, the double latte powergel just might be my go to. The taste is a better coffee flavor than the Gu Espresso Love gel I tried a few weeks ago and the texture was WORLDS better. I was half way through it before I even noticed. Since it does have 50mg of caffeine, I will probably have a few of the fruit flavors that Redhead (Thanks again!) recommended as well.

Unlike previous marathons, I actually have a fueling plan for race day! This is a huge step for me because fueling has been mostly absent from my previous races. Though I can get away with it in the half, not fueling in the full has really shown. This blogs not called Running on E for nothing folks. Pre-race I will probably go with my standard Elvis (peanut butter and banana on a bagel). During the race my plan is to eat a gel about every 7 miles (as water stops allow) with a caffeinated one around the halfway point. This should create some impressive bra stuffing with my powergels (its like a poor girl’s water bra). I may even be a B-cup at the starting line, which should also help with my quest to get a Valentine’s date. I may carry a pack of chewy fuel (beans or sharkies) as well, because there is plenty of space in my bra for extra and you can never have too much. Post race I plan on having a free beer or two to rehydrate and celebrate. I'm getting excited just thinking about the race!

Anyways, Happy Friday to all! We've got a rainy one here in the ATL, but I'm ok with that because Mother Nature is my girl.

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