Friday, February 19, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

No new fueling news to report. I consider Birmingham a success with 2 gels taken (1 vanilla at mile 6/7, 1 Raspberries and cream at mile 14/15) and a half dozen or so orange slices. I did capture this fun pic before the race of everything I stuff in my sportsbra (well, besides me). I always joke that my sportsbra is the ultimate carry-on because I have extra room for whatever else I need. Sometimes I even put my camera in there along with my keys, but sunday it was just food, ID (for the free beer in case, I have priorities), and the room key. I was definitely sporting a b-cup at the start. Maybe that is how I got all those running buddies!
Gels make the perfect waterbra.
In other news, I went for a nice 3 mile recovery run yesterday. I decided to run on the dreadmill to make sure my unbridled running excitement didn't take over and I could control my pace. Body feels good for the most part. Legs were still a little tired and baby toes still resemble cherry tomatoes (be happy I didn't post pics of those), but all in all I'm doing well.
Also, Brightroom posted race photos from Sunday (note to self: don't wear long spandex in a race unless you are prepared to see them from every angle). High comedy as usual. I think they only took pictures of me from mile 23 on. I am just bummed they didn't get a photo sequence of me around mile 6 trying to take off my longsleeves. I managed to get one arm out before I realized that I had pinned my bib through my shortsleeve shirt as well (huge rookie mistake!). Needless to say, I created a yard sale of stuff across the course at one point as I dropped my longsleeves, iPOD, and gloves all while I had a mouth full of safety pins. Good times.
Hope you have a great friday and good luck in all those races this weekend! I can't wait to hear all about them.

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  1. I can not believe you rock all of the in your sports bra! Amazing! And with no chafing? I must learn your secrets. I'm always picking my race day outfits by what can fit the most gus, my ipod, my camera...sports bra stuffing would really help me out!


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