Friday, February 26, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

Today's Fuelin' up Friday report is subtitled "Luna Moons' Wrappers are not digestible."

I enjoy Luna Moons as prerace fuel. I don't really like them midrun because they tend to get really sticky once they've warmed up in my sportsbra and then I spend the next 2 miles picking them out of my teeth. On last weeks long run, I only had a pack of Moons with me, so I had one or two midrun and tucked them back in my fuel belt. When I got home, I tossed my fuelbelt on the counter and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, my fuelbelt had fallen on the floor but looked undisturbed otherwise. I didn't think much of it because my roommate (who I have eluded to several times) is a little clumsy and tends to not put things back where she finds them. Anyway, I unpacked the bottles and put my belt away until next week.
My Roommate: Mia Monster
A few hours later I noticed my roommate was more rambunctious than normal. Usually requiring minimum 18 hours of sleep a day, she was awake and forcing me to play will her even at 11pm. The thought crossed my mind that I didn't see that open package of Moons when I unpacked my fuelbelt, but since I didn't see the wrapper anywhere, I assumed I just forgot where I put it. It wasn't until 3 days later that I discovered what happened to it:
Turns out that Luna Moons' wrappers are not digestable and the roommate barfed it back up. Frighteningly enough after spending almost 72 hours in her stomach, the wrapper looks the same as when it went in. Anyways, that brings us to the 3 lessons of Luna Moons:

1. Luna Moons are good energy for humans and canines alike (though I am not sure they are the best source for canines, but I'm no vet).
2. Luna Moons' wrappers are not a good source of energy. No matter how hungry you get on your long run, only eat the moons.
3. Fuel wrappers are not digestible so don't eat them.

*Note: This is a true story and an all too common one at our apartment. No canines were injured.

Hope you all have a good friday! Good luck with all the races!! Fuel well, but only eat the fuel.

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  1. Funny! Glad your "roommate" is just fine! I'll try to hold off on the wrappers in the future.


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