Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goals for Birmingham

I have focused on 3 main items this round of Marathon training (#5), and I have a race goal for each one. You’ll notice that I have no time goal for this race and its mainly because I knew there was a good chance my training would be erratic due to life (grad school, work, thesis, etc), so I focused on improving 3 things that have ‘plagued’ me in my past marathons. I also tried out a ‘less is more’ training plan and I am curious to see how I feel throughout the race.

1. Fuel. I hit the wall hard in my first marathon and have never developed a good fueling plan or routine in any of my marathons. In previous fulls I have fueled little to none and I've paid for it. I have detailed all my fueling attempts in my Fuelin’ up Friday reports and I really appreciate everyone’s recommendations! I have a plan and a fuel that work fairly well for me!

Goal: Don’t hit the wall. In fact, don’t even flirt with it. Its Valentine’s Day, flirting should occur at the post-race party.

2. Feet. In all of my previous marathons I have had bloody feet and even bled through my shoes twice. For the most part my bloody toes haven’t been too painful, just gross. However, after Goofy a few years ago, my feet were a disaster, complete with toenail loss and some crazy blood blisters. Since I have to wear closed toe shoes at work, it was a hard recovery week. For this marathon, I am running in a full size larger (9.5) than Goofy (8.5). The bigger size felt like clown shoes for the first few runs, but when I put on some old 8.5s to walk the dog the other day, I really noticed how much better the clown shoes fit my feet. I've still had some blistering, but I think it is mainly due to my feet being fat and there hasn't been any bleeding.

Goal: Don’t have bloody feet. Some blistering is acceptable.

Trust me, You don't want to see what's inside. That wasn't even one of the toes that lost a nail!

3. Brains. I’ve had confidence trouble in the late miles of previous marathons. I think a lot of this probably had to do with very low blood sugar (see goal #1), but nonetheless it was still something I wanted to focus on. I did all of my long runs solo (with a few guests for 3 or 4 miles). I really focused on staying calm and consistent, and not letting any little things trouble me. I think I had more quality runs this training cycle and I am really excited to see how it turns out on race day.

Goal: Keep my head in the game (or race).

I had my last date with the elliptical this morning as well as a nice long stretch. Legs feel good and attitude is ready. Now I just have to remember to pack all the essentials.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


  1. You've got this girl! Just keep focused. I def agree wearing bigger sizes are better for the tootsies. I had some killer toe nail loss last summer/training cycle because I wasn't running in shoes big enough. Size 7 turned 8 over here!

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Hi, I headed over via Tall Mom's High Five Friday post! Good luck this weekend!

    I've also had to move up a size in shoes for foot problems, glad it's helped you!


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