Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Eight

Happy Super Sunday to everyone! Today I am hoping for a PR in Guacamole and Queso consumption. Wish me luck!

Under one week until the big day (just in case you aren't counting down like me)!

Yesterday I went out for my last pre-race tune up. I headed out to Silver Comet Trail which is delightful for longruns. They took about 60 miles (it goes all the way to the AL border) of old railroad tracks and converted it to an exertrail with no more than 2% grade (genius idea). There are periodic parking areas (some with real toilets!) so you can start at various points along the trail. I usually start at the bike depot and haven't run all parts of it yet, but I really would like to bike it from end to end one day this spring. Its great for people like me who tend to do a lot of their runs solo because there are usually a few tri and running groups out there on the weekend and it doesn't feel like the city. I hang out there a lot on Saturday mornings. Anyways, yesterday I ran 8 at a nice even 8:30 pace, a little ahead of planned marathon pace, but my legs felt good. I am a little worried about coming out of the gate too quick on race day, so I am thinking about running with one of the pace groups for the first half, but more on goals and race plans later this week.

Hope you all have a good remainder of the weekend!

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