Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back from the dead (or at least the books)

Sorry for my total lack of blogging lately! I have been consumed by writing my thesis so I can graduate this May. For some reason thesis writing is so mentally draining you become increasing dumb in all other aspects of life. For example, in the past two weeks I have almost burned down my apartment twice because I completely forgot I was cooking things and then while on the phone with a best friend asked who she was talking about because I was so lost, only to have her remind me that it was her brother (I will not be getting best friend of the year for that one). The good news is that the end is in sight, and I don't have to operate any heavy machinery.

But on to running!
My runs have been going well lately (probably because I can shut my brain off during them). I have changed up my training a bit and am using pace goals for my different workouts. So far so good. At first I had a little bit of trouble staying true to my 'easy' pace because when my legs feel good, I like to push. Now I have it all sorted out and am really happy with my new style.
Yesterday, we had our first real spring day here in the ATL (it was 70 in March!), so I headed out for a nice 9.5 miler. It was pretty quiet on the streets because the ING marathon is today, so I decided to run a nice chunk of the course. It was fun because they already had all the mile markers and porta-potties out (I was tempted to use one just because there was no line)! Luckily today isn't as hot for the ING (a little rainy, but not 70), so I took my Monster down to watch. She is an experienced marathon fan because we used to live on the Houston marathon course and she has cheered for that race several times. We ended up catching the 3 leaders coming through the hills that I usually drag my butt up at the end of my runs. Needless to say, they looked much stronger than I ever will on those hills. Mia Monster had a good time though was distracted by the crazy number of squirrels on the course, so I am not actually sure she realized there was a race going on, but at least she didn't do anything embarrassing like take a dump on the course or tackle one of the leaders. Small victories.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. Good luck on your thesis. I can see how that could be all consuming. How great that you have at least the respite of running!


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