Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Carrot.

I've been itching to run a half for a few months now. Even before Birmingham, I questioned switching to the half because I knew I was primed for a good one. I ended up sticking with the full and had a great run. But the feeling hasn't gone away. With thesis ruling my life for the past few weeks and my next race not until May, I've been looking for something to keep me focused and motivated to get thesis over with.

Well, I've found my carrot.

Today I signed up for the Talladega 21000 on April 11, two weeks from today. I am super excited! I love races that are a little different and in this one we get to run around the Superspeedway for part of the race. The only 'challenge' (besides the running and training itself), is that the race is one week before my thesis deadline. I mean the hardcore-have-it-into-the-printer-or-you-don't-graduate deadline. I think this will give me extra motivation to have have my thesis done (or as close to done as possible) by race day and it will be a nice way to celebrate the hard work. Plus, the half is my favorite, so any excuse to run one is a good one.

Have a good week!

1 comment:

  1. You must be someone who works best under pressure!


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