Friday, March 5, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

Ok, Not a whole lot of fueling to report this week. I did not fuel during last weekend's long run, but I assure you it was a one week slip. I have fuel ready for tomorrow's run and might even try out some new options. I did try a new recovery food this week: homemade chocolate chip cookies. I figure a lot of people swear by chocolate milk, but I'm not a huge milk fan, so cookies are the next best thing. I really think they work well as a recovery food. They are portable so you can carrying them around while you stretch, take a shower, and finish the rest of your post run routine. They contain carbs, salt, and protein (chocolate comes from cocoa beans right? beans are full of protein. Ok, well humor me on that one.).
Ok other news of the week since I was not a good blogger and slacked off all week:
1. I think all the skin has fallen off of both of my baby toes. Sorry if that is too graphic and you are trying to enjoy breakfast. The good news is that the toes look and feel much better. Hopefully this is a turning point in their recovery.
2. Thanks to everyone for their recommendations on training programs!!!! I now have quite a few options to mull over and try out before my next marathon (which probably will be in the fall). I promise to report back on likes/dislikes. Huge Thanks for the support on that one!
3. The Dreadmill and I are working on out relationship. I have been trying to incorporate one DM workout per week to focus on turnover and maintaining a higher pace. So far so good! I am happy to report that I am surprising myself with how comfortable I feel at a higher pace (yes, I realize things are different on the DM, but my stride feels good).

Anyways, thats it for me today! Good luck to my friends tackling Disney Princess this weekend! I'm sure you girls are going to kick some Tiara! Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

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  1. Chocolate chip cookies for recovery. BEST IDEA EVER!


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