Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Training

If you have noticed the updated ticker to the right, I have the Ragnar Relay coming up in May! My team has decided to run as a 6 person co-ed team (instead of 12). This means each person runs back to back legs three times on a hilly course. We are a nutty bunch with a bit of a competitive streak. I am really excited for the race, but I think I need something between now and then to keep me on track. I am really goal and task oriented and more importantly, I really don't want to be the slowest member of the team. So, its time for new goals and as always good things come in threes:

1. Figure out the woes of my toes. The course is hilly and a 30+ mile weekend is going to be murder on my feet. I've got to stop the bleeding.

2. Hills. I incorporated some hills in my Birmingham training because there is really no way to avoid them in the ATL. Now I need to do a few hill specific workouts and some back to back hill workouts to get used the the relay format.

3. Strength training. I'm not shy to admit it. I have the gangly body of a 14 year old boy. I'm tall and lanky and I need to work on it. So I want to increase my core and upper body strength. I think it will help me be a more powerful runner and have better form especially when tired. Which way to the gym?

Anywho, that should be enough to get me started. If anyone has any relay pointers for me or good hill workouts to recommend, I would appreciate it.

1 comment:

  1. What will your mileage be like for 6 people instead of 12?


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