Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Lazy Blogger

Ok, I know I owe you all a lot of updates. Its been a big few weeks both in running (2 races to report on) and life (grad school is o-v-e-r!), so I apologize for the laziness. Good news is that everything is calming down and I can return to 'normal' life, though I am not really sure what that is anymore!

So as a little teaser, here is some of the excitement that is coming your way:
1. Ragnar Relay recap! This might have to be a double.
2. Warrior Dash recap. I think I have finally got all of the mud off my body. That stuff sure likes to hide.
3. Alternative forms of Cross training! Let's just say I'm not sure any of you have thought of this one.

Until then, here are a few words of encouragement from the locals in North Georgia!
Not sure this is the last thing you want to see before heading out on Warrior Dash.

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