Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, so THAT'S my IT band!

So after the issues I faced at Talladega Half Marathon, I ended up with a little ITBS (so much for trying to not run on the banked curves). I have never had any IT band trouble in the past, but it is definitely one of those items that you know as soon as you feel it. I spent two weeks afterwards warming it up with easy/light runs, lots of stretching, and resting it as needed. I had a little residual tightness in my hamstring, but for the most part I thought I was back in business. I put it to the test Sunday with another half marathon (Race Report coming soon!), and unfortunately it looks like things are not all better. I have been sticking to a strict regimen of RICE for the past 48hrs and have already seen some good improvements. I'm having no trouble stretching the top near my hip, but does anyone have any recommendations to stretch down closer to the insertion at the knee? That is where I am having the most pain. I have been using one of lovely roommate's toys to stretch it out, but would like some other ways to get at it. Any recs?
Weapon of ITBS recovery
All ideas are welcome!

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  1. I had the same issue trying to stretch. We did this in yoga and I was really happy with it. Maybe something about having your hip at a 90deg angle takes the strain off that end...


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