Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warrior Dash: Hooters vs. Raisins

When I first heard about Warrior Dash, I couldn't resist. Run 3 miles through all the crazy obstacles (cargo net, crawling through mud, run through tires and a wall of fire) you always wanted to try, but never knew where you could. So as soon as I convinced a few friends to sign up with me, the next question became obvious: What does one wear to warrior dash?
The entire Wizard of Oz foursome was there.
After going through all the possible comical items you could roll around in mud in, we settled on Hooters waitresses for runability and laughability. No offense to any of the Hooters girls, but they don't seem like the type to run around and get muddy. So after a bit more serious thinking (grad school is over and I have some free brain cells), I decided it would be more appropriate if my friend went as a Hooters girl and I was a Raisins girl due to our, um, physical attributes, or lack there of in my case.
Pre-race still clean.

Customer Service is key.

Race day did not disappoint. Warrior Dash took place in the mountains of North Georgia. We were informed at the start that the course was within 10 miles of where Deliverance was filmed, so if we hear banjos, we should run faster. The costumes were plentiful (including: men in full suits, many warriors/Braveheart lookalikes/men in chainmail, a guy in a full cheerleading costume) and the crowd was very good spirited. We even got a few shout-out for our outfits.
Where's Waldo? He is at Warrior Dash of course!

The race consisted of a 3ish mile run with a myriad of challenges along the way including walking planks over water, swim/wade through water, running through tires, jumping over walls, rope climb up an embankment, climb up/down a cargo net, climb over abandoned cars, trail running, slide down a muddy hillside, military crawl under barbed wire through mud, swim/roll over logs in water, and jump through two walls of fire. Hmm, I think I got them all.
Not so clean coming out from the mud pit/barbed wire crawl.

Last Challenge: Wall of fire and then sprint to the finish.

To add to the Goofiness of the event, Warrior helmets are part of the race packet and every (of age) competitor gets a free beer at the finish. There is live music and food at the finish, as well as a jumbo-tron showing live footage of the mud crawl under barbed wire.
In my usual post-race location: at the snacks!

Festivities throughout the day.
Overall, Warrior Dash is fun and silly, nothing to take too seriously because the course conditions change throughout the day a make a big difference. Its a great event to do with a group and definitely something that all abilities can enjoy. We all had fun throughout the course, hanging out, enjoying a sunny day in the mountains, and watching the other warriors earn their beer (there are waves starting every half hour). For some odd reason they still chip time the event (I'm pretty sure I PR'ed my mud pit crawl), but I think there was some sort of awards for speed and best beard.

Lesson from Warrior Dashing:
1. Rolling around in the mud and running through an obstacle course is good cross training.
2. Dont wear anything you actually like, shoes included. Your clothes with never be the same. Props to the Folks at Warrior Dash for realizing this and having a charity there taking shoe donations.
3. The strap thing I wore for my IT band at Ragnar works. I definitely felt a little iffy without it.
4. North Georgia is actually kind of pretty. Its still not the north, but it was nice to be out of the city.


  1. Love the Waldo. There have been some of these around here. I have to ask, do you really run through fire?

  2. There were two mini-walls (the guy in that picture is in between the two) of fire to jump over about the size of small hurdles. That picture makes it look a little more scary than it was.


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