Monday, July 19, 2010

Testing 1, 2 (Miles). Testing

Quick catch up:
After the untimely and quite vicious bout of ITBS (no, not IBS as I had to reassure people), I ended up taking the last 6 weeks off with NO RUNNING! It was a tough decision, but with all the trouble I was having and with everything I read about ITBS, rest is really the best medicine. Since it was the beginning of summer/inferno season here in Hotlanta, I figured a break could be good. I did try to cross-train as was comfortable (like my foray into the circus), but my real focus was on complete IT band healing. I didn't want to be battling the problem on and off for 6 months. Dear roommate did help out by dragging me around the neighborhood each morning like she was on a mission and luckily I was uninjured by her squirrel hunting adventures. In summary, my fitness took a beating.

Present Day:
I went out for my first 2 mile test run today and everything seems to be working fine, (except maybe my fitness). My goal was for the day was 2 miles in about 20 minutes. I really wanted to make sure I took it easy and didn't run around like I had just escaped from jail or something. I also went at 3:30pm which may sound nuts to many of you, but I knew if I was uncomfortably hot (I am a Northern trapped in a Southern world), I wouldn't last more than 2 miles and I wouldn't push too hard.
How you doin'? Yep, still look bloody.
After reintroducing myself to my garmin and bloody sneakers, I was off. I tried to run the flattest route I have around so I could keep my stride and footing consistent. Things went well as a whole. I stuck close to my desired pace (19:06) and was extra aware of my footfalls. I did resemble a tomato when I got home and there are definitely things jiggling in places I don't remember jiggling before, but I didn't notice my IT band once during the run! I put in some gentle stretching and tennis ball time once I got home. Overall, its good to be back.

How's everyone's summer training going?
Happy Monday to all!

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