Monday, September 13, 2010

and it's good for 6!

This weekend I decided to try out the ol' IT band with a little longer run.  Up till this point in my IT band recovery I hadn't attempted any run longer that 5k, but with a successful brick workout last week, I was eager to see what it could do.  I headed back out to Silver Comet on Saturday, with visions of 6 miles in my head.

Though it wasn't pretty or fast, I managed to complete the 6 without any major IT band pain!  However, my fitness, or lack there of, really showed.  I was dragging for the last two miles, but happy as can be when I finished it. I had a few minor aches and pains afterwards, but nothing worse than expected.  I kept it light on Sunday with some dog walking and strength training.
Still smiles after struggling through 6!

High point: long run success!  6 miles in the books.

Low point: Dragging my behind through those last two miles!  It was only 4 months ago when I could drag my behind through 20 miles.  Hopefully those days return!

I'm definitely at the point where I need to add in extra cross training to bring my fitness up to snuff, and continue on with the strength training.

How was everyone's weekend?  Any training successes/struggles to report?
Happy Monday!


  1. Yeah to the 6 miles! I can't wait till I am joining you on getting some miles in!


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