Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle again

I headed out to Silver Comet this weekend eager to try out my new hydration pack on a long bike ride, and good thing I had it!  It turned out to be mid-90s for most of my ride.  The trees along the trail helped to keep it shady, but in the sun, it was hot, hot, hot.
My Chariot.
My hydration pack came in super handy!  I ended up riding two 15 mile loops, and with 2L of water in my pack and gatorade in my bottles, I never had to stop to refill.  The water actually stayed pretty cool in the pack, so that helped keep me from melting.  I had a great ride and enjoyed the day.  Sadly, the batteries in my bike computer died about 1/2 mile in, but since I have used the trail for many a long run, I knew enough landmarks along the way to judge my mileage.

My new hydration pack is great!  It fit nice and snug without chaffing or sliding around.  In fact, I never noticed it during my ride, which is the way gear should be.  I was able to fit my camera, cell phone, keys, and 4 different types of fuel (I need options) in the pocket with plenty of space to spare! Overall it served its purpose.  I came with tired legs and clear pee.

How was everyone's weekend?  Any excitement to report?
Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. It was a great weekend for bike riding! I hope it stays this way for awhile!

  2. Great post there, I like your post it is so interesting. Keep up the good post.


  3. hope youre having a great week!


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