Friday, September 17, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday: New Gear and reader question!

This weekend I'm planning a long bike ride and I can think of no better way to try out my new gear!  Now, no one guessed what it was (or really no one tried to guess), but I hinted it had to do with my favorite topic: Fuel!  As I mentioned last week, CSN stores gave me the opportunity to review a piece of gear for them and its a new High Sierra Soaker 70 hydration pack!
Just think of all the fuel it can hold! 
I've used a fuel belt in the past for my long runs, but I've been dreaming of getting a hydration pack for long bike rides, hikes, and any runs with my furry roommate.  I am super excited about this one because not only can it hold 2L of water (I drink a lot of water), but there is a pouch for my snacks (and also roommates snacks when she comes along)!  No more fuel in the sports bra!  Ok, who am I kidding?! There will always be fuel in the sports bra, but at least I have a new place to stash my keys, camera, and cellphone.  The pack also has a mesh flap to hold your bike helmet when not in use.
So handy!
That's right, no more walking around like a dork with my helmet on when I ride my bike places! Stay tuned for a full review on Monday!

And now a quick fuel question from AJH over at Age Groups Rock. She too has been dealing with injury rehab, so stop on over, give her a shout out, and enjoy her lovely photos of VT!
Q: Do you use Gu? I have been trying to figure out how not to make that messy. I am a klutz and have trouble opening it on the run and it is sticky too. 
 A: I don't use Gu brand because I have trouble with the consistency (too thick), but I do use powergels (a little more liquidy i.e. messy). I too am a huge klutz and usually end-up with gel on my hands, face, shirt, and, upon occasion, pig-tails.  I've kind of accepted that messy is just part of my fueling process (sorry, that's not much help).  I've had trouble opening them as well esp when they have been riding around in my sweaty sports bra for an hour. I've found that nicking the side of the 'neck' part of the package just a little (not enough for the gel to actually come out or you will have a HUGE mess in your sportsbra after a few miles, trust me!) makes them worlds easier to open come fuelin' time.  It give you just enough leverage to rip it open. Hope that helps, and thanks for the questions!

Good luck on your weekend adventures!
Anyone have big plans this weekend?
Happy weekend to all!

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  1. Nice backpack, I like it, it looks awesome. I want to have one.



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