Friday, September 10, 2010

Fuelin' up Friday

Last weekend during my brick workout, I decided to mix it up a little for my transition fuel. Instead of using a 'traditional' exercise food, I tried fruit leather (or fruit strips or roll-ups, whatever you want to call them). I keep a stash of them in my desk at work for a quick pick me ups, so I thought it might be worth trying on the go. In addition to being portable, they contains carbs, sodium, and potassium (though not nearly in the quantities found in energy gels) and many brands are all natural.

Good: I had no trouble taking it down! I went with Ripened Raspberry and it was yummy! I did not have any tummy trouble or barfy feelings during my run. I did drink water, but that was more due to being a bit thirsty at the end of my bike ride. No trouble with the package, and its a perfect snack size.

Not as good: I could definitely see it be a sticky mess on a hot day or if carried in a sports bra, but given the fact I ate it without trouble, I may be willing to deal with that. Also, some brands have a high fiber content, so I need to be careful when purchasing or consuming on long runs!

Overall: I thinks it another good option for short and mid-length runs, as well as bike rides. They are a possibility for long runs, it would just depend how many I would need to eat!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Do you use Gu? I have been trying to figure out how not to make that messy. I am a klutz and have trouble opening it on the run and it is sticky too.


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