Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Tale of Two Runs and June Recap

For this week's long run I ran the same 8 mile route as last week, only 7 minutes faster.  In all honestly last week's run was a bummer of a run, so I wasn't surprised this week was better.  Both weeks had about the same weather (80 degrees with 90% humidity), but last week I wasn't sleeping well and I didn't feel well hydrated at the start, and that translated to an icky run.  It's amazing how your performance changes when you body is prepared. That, and I had a few cups of super strong coffee before this week's run, so maybe I was a bit juiced.  I did managed to eat a whopping 2 Sport beans at mile 4 and I'm sure that had something to do with it.  I am a fueling goddess.

I felt good this week and much stronger.  I also felt like I could maintain a nice rhythm (unlike last week when I felt like I was going backwards).  I ran Garmin free as my honey borrowed it to take out on his run.  I enjoy running without a watch occasionally because then I don't fixate on my pace.  Being that it was a long run and in theory supposed to be LSD, I just wanted to run happy and finish the miles.  Instead, my legs wanted to push a little.

How do you handle keeping the pace low on long days when you body feels ready to push?  Do you let yourself push late if you still have the energy?

June Recap!

Miles: 72 miles

Races: Bootlegger Half Marathon

Current Gear Want: The Stick

Current Gear Need:  New running sneakers

Current Project: Overhauling the blog (what do you think so far?)

Things I am excited for next month:  Peachtree Road Race! My race flare is ready.

Another good month in the books! Summer's heat has descended on the city, but my running hasn't suffered too much.  My hydration pack has just become an essential part of any outdoor run.  Legs and fitness are feeling good and I am ready to start marathon training in 2 weeks!

How did your month finish up?


  1. Yes, get a stick! I need to go use mine now. I have a hard time pushing when things aren't going well.

  2. Good month indeed! I push late in the long runs if I have the energy, but most of the time the energy is not there. My month was Ok although I didn't prepare for the race i'm suddenly doing this weekend. Training was geared towards a race on 3 August and then I got an invite to this beast of the weekend.

  3. Get a stick! I have one at work for when sitting at the desk and running woes collide to form aches. I LOVE IT!!!

    I also like the neat and sweet way you wrap up your month in training. Great job!


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