Monday, June 24, 2013

Bootlegger Half Marathon Race Review

On the 8th, I ran the Bootlegger Half Marathon (formerly the Dawsonville Half Marathon) in Dawsonville, GA, about an hour north of the city.  In only its second year, the race was aptly renamed to reflect the heritage of Dawsonville as it is the only city I can think of that has a working Moonshine still in its city hall.
 Welcome to Dawsonville City Hall.
They are very proud of their history.
The race is tiny, but the race director is very hands-on and open to any ideas to improve the race.  He not only started the race with a mega-phone description of the course, but apologized in the barely 2 minute delay in starting the race due to one of the water stops being stolen overnight (I'm thinking high school prank) and it having to be replaced.  Thought there technically was a course time limit, the race director promised to leave the clock running until each and every last participant had the chance to finish. In addition to the name change and route redo this year, a 4 miler was added for those who might not be ready for a half.  My honey came along with me to run the 4 miler.  I think I had him at moonshine though I am not sure he realized there would be running involved.
Oh-oh Thunder Road

The race starting finished at the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame (cars, not runners) and the Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery.  Besides the awesomeness of these places alone, the other bonus of the start/finish area was access to real bathrooms.  Yes, you read that right.  The runners had full access to the Racing Hall of Fame pre and post race including the bathrooms!  Not using port-a-johns in the Georgia summer heat and being able to wash your hands makes me a happy runner!
The course is combination parks and farmland (I even saw a wild turkey), utilizing many of the same roads as the previous year just shuffled around in order.  The course has several rolling hills (about 3400 ft of elevation change), but it wasn't too challenging that you can't turn in a good time.
Good times at the race!
I enjoyed the race again this year.  It's always great to escape the city and get some fresh air. Staying with the theme, the finishers medals were mini moonshine jugs.  I finished in 1:55:48, good enough for third in my age group.  I was pretty excited having never placed in a race, but I was even more excited when I found out that I won a mini growler at the local craft brew store! Who doesn't love a cold beer after a long run?  To celebrate a successful morning of running we stopped at Dutch Monkey Donuts on the way home to refuel.  When I learned they had a Root beer float donut, I just couldn't resist!  Plus it was right across from the craft brew store and I needed to get my mini growler filled!

What is the best race schwag you've received?


  1. How exciting to get AG 3rd place! Congrats!

    I can't imagine the taste of a Root Beer Float donut, but I'm sure I'd like it if it's a donut!

  2. Thanks for the blog visit/comment. Congrats on your half marathon as well, and your AG placement. Nicely done.Not sure about the donut though lol.

  3. Gees, placing in your AG is going to go to your head now haha. So glad this is back! I'll have to start mine up again, now that you've inspired me. Count me in for next year!

    1. It's good to be back! The more the merrier at any race!


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