Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't rain on my parade: Peachtree Road Race Expo visit

I headed downtown yesterday to the Peachtree Road Race Expo.  It may seem a little odd to have an Expo for a 10k, but since it is the largest race in the country with around 60,000 participants, its not your usual 10k.  In addition to the usual excitement surrounding the race, this year it is also hosting the USA Mens and Women's 10k Championships.  The elite field reads like a who's who of running favorites including Ryan Hall, Meb, and Abdi Abdirahman (complete list of elites can be found here). I've raced against both Ryan and Meb before and I'll probably let them win again this year.  I plan to take it easy in the race, enjoy the fans, and show off my flair.  Those boys are lucky again this time.
Expo time! Racer Ready?

I'm trying to stay hopeful, but I'm a little worried.  The current forecast for the race is not good and not the usual Blistering-hot-at-the-start kind of not good.  Right now it's 100% chance of rain including a flash flood warning. The thunderstorms should be holding off until the afternoon, so we should be able to get the race in, but this maybe more of a swim than a run.   I've had some very rainy races in the past (the monsoon at Flying Pig and crazy pop-up storm at Silver Comet in '09), so I know what I am in for. I've pulled a few running tips for rainy days and I'm sure I will have somethings to add after thursday.
Inspirational mini bibs.  What would you write?
I've got my fingers crossed, am praying to the weather gods, and am hoping the worst of the rain shows up in the afternoon. If not, I may have to rethink my outfit.  I planned for the usual super hot race, but I can run in swim goggles and some floaties, right?  I'm going to be out there so I might as well have fun with it!

What would you write on your mini bib?

What are your rainy day running tips?

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  1. The link had lots of great tips! I'd add that I'd try not to overdress just because it's raining.

  2. Always wear a hat so the rain doesn't get in your eyes.


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