Friday, July 5, 2013

Fuelin' up Friday: Yet another reason I love NUUN

I've been a huge fan of NUUN for several years now and am frequently recommending it to my friends, but this week that love grew a little deeper due to a great expo experience.

While at the Peachtree Road Race Expo, my honey (the Jayhawk) and I bought some more NUUN to replenish the stock.  Being that we have a slight dependence on it at our house, we are constantly in search of more. The Jayhawk loves Watermelon and I am a Cherry limeade fanatic.  The girl at the booth was more than patient as we debated what flavors to purchase and was even sweet enough to give us two free water bottles so we wouldn't have to share.  As we checked out and chatted with the friendly booth girl, I moved to the side so people could continue to enjoy the endless NUUN samples.  It wasn't until we arrived home that we realized, when we moved out of the way for the eager sippers, we left our newly purchased NUUN sitting on top of a cooler.
A gamechanger for me.
There was much sadness at our home.  We were stoked about our new bottles, but we were NUUNless.  The Jayhawk returned to the expo with a friend the next day and stopped by the NUUN booth to get more.  Amazingly, not only did the booth girl recognize him, but she had tried to track us down at the expo the night before and put our purchase aside in hopes we would return!  Now our purchase was small (2 tubes), but  the booth girl made the extra effort to get us our purchase and treat us like we bought a truckload. Her customer service skills in one word were awesome. The Jayhawk's buddy was so impressed with the product and the customer service, he bought some as well.
Reunited and it feels so good.
On to the other reasons I love NUUN.

I've documented many times on this blog the struggles I have with fueling.  Heck, it's even the name of the blog.  I frequently underfuel and am prone to vomiting up what I do eat.  I've successfully barfed my way through two Ragnar relays and underfueled in a myriad of races.  But something changed for me when I started using NUUN.  The sugar-free formula really works well for my needs.  I no longer feel nauseated during runs of any type (long, hot, speed, etc) allowing me to better tolerate fuels.  I've been able to remain well hydrated as well as feel balanced during my long runs in the Georgia heat.  It's to the point now where I can't stomach other sugary hydration drinks.  The portability of the tubes has led me to stash it everywhere.  I keep a tube in my purse, my desk at work, my workout bag etc. I basically am always ready to gear up for a run.

I only have one issue with the product.  What to do with the empty tubes?  Is there some sort of NUUN tube recycling program we can start at local running stores where you get 5 cents off your next tube?  It's either that or a kids craft project? I am open to ideas.

What do you use for hydration?
What do you do with your empty NUUN tubes?


  1. Maybe you could store small items in them, like paperclips. I've never tried those flavors, but watermelon and cherry limeade both sound good. Have fun at the race!

  2. Buy a big thing of ibuprofen or acetaminophen and then use the tubes as a mini-bottle you can refill. Just an idea.

    So where can we find this product? It sounds like something I need to try right away!!

    1. REI carries it, as well as most specialty running stores. They have free shipping right now through the 7th!


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