Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Recap

July Recap!

Miles:  92 miles

Races: Peachtree Road Race and Troop Trot Trail Race

Current Gear Want: Compression Socks

Current Gear Need: New running sneakers (Yes, this is the same as last month! Bad Runner.)

Current Project: Strengthening my hips

Things I am excited for next month: 
  1. A few days of vacation in the mountains with the Jayhawk's family.
  2. Run 10 Feed 10 run with a mission.  Run a 10k and feed 10 people in your community.
  3. Marathon Mom is having a Birthday Bash Race along with Jill Conyers.  The race is free and you can run any distance of your choice and win prizes.  Stop by to sign up and wish them each a happy birthday!

Wow, that seemed like a fast month.  Then again, the Peachtree Road Race seems like it was eons ago.  Marathon training for the Chickamauga Marathon began this month and so far, so good.  Just some minor PF trouble but I think I am on the right track for turning it around.  I'm happy with the structure of my training plan and now am starting to work on fueling options for the race.  Suggestions welcome!

How did your month go?

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  1. July just flew by! Try different types of fuel to see which one settles best. It's not a bad idea to order a GU sampler pack so you have a little bit of everything to test out on your runs.


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