Sunday, July 28, 2013

Marathon Training: Week#1

Marathon training has unceremoniously begun.  It was basically the same workouts I did last week, but there is no harm in consistency.

Monday: Stuck on the dreadmill due to yet another thunderstorm.  Tried to make the most of it and ran a 4 mile speed work out.

Tuesday: Strength training.  Didn't get in cross training because of life/schedule, but got in a few rounds of squats, lunges, leg press, arms, and abs.

Wednesday: Ran home from work and this time Mother Nature held off on the rain!  5.35 miles of hills at tempo pace. Capped it off with 30 min of vacuuming when I got home.
Sweaty but happy.  Note: need to work on selfie photography skills.

Thursday: 4.9 mile run home from work at an easy pace.  My first two runs of the week ended up being speed and tempo and it was time to slow it down for an easy one.

Friday: Rest Day and date night!

Saturday: LSD for 10.25 miles.  It was pretty muggy out and I was tired before I started, so I kept the pace easy.  I was having some tightness on my left side during my run.  I stretched well and was even lucky enough to have the Jayhawk massage my hamstring and calf. The problem started a few months ago when I got new shoes (more on that later) and it has been improving after a shoe change, but more attention is needed.
The best way to recover after a long run.

Injury report: Generalized left side tightness probably due to my 'bad' hip and one purple toenail, the problem toe that tends to bleed on long runs.  What can I say, it's a quitter.

Mini goal of the week: Add-in hip strengthening exercises to minimize problems from the 'bad' hip.  Will utilize resistance band and the towel trick.

15 weeks until race day!

How was everyone's week?  Lots of good training miles?


  1. What's the towel trick? I'm always looking for new tips! Looks like a good first week of marathon training!

    1. My entire next post is going to be dedicated to the exercises I am doing to fix my tightness. I'll explain them all. There wasn't enough room here to squeeze it all in.

  2. All good but I would prefer not to add the 30 minutes of vacuuming to mine!

    1. I completely agree, but with two 9 year olds in the house (one canine, one human), there is always vacuuming to be done. I figure at least I should be able to give myself cardio credit for the hard work! :)

  3. Smart to add in hip strengthening, hips are key to so much with running :)

    BTW I love the cover photo! I'm running my 3rd Ragnar soon and don't know how many times I cursed that 1 Mile to Go sign !


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