Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Recap

Miles: 109.1 Pretty excited about that. :)

Races: None. Between vacation and school starting, I couldn't find one that the fit in to my training and life.  But I did participate in two virtual races. Making up for it next month.

Current Gear Want: Fuel that works for me.  Got some great options on the list to try. Stay tuned.

Current Gear Love:  My new sneakers. So happy I finally bought new ones!

Things I am excited for next month: This next month is a beast trainingwise.  I have two 20 milers on the schedule as well as some serious bike training to do to get ready for my OCT ride. It's time to get serious.

September items to check out:
Team Winter is putting on a month long challenge for September to raise money for prostate cancer research.  For those of you who have not heard of Winter Vinecki, she is a 15 year old young lady who lost her dad to prostate cancer and is now working on running a marathon on every continent to raise money to fight the disease. Learn more about her quest here.

Alex's Lemonade Stand is having a Million Mile Run, which sounds like a super far way to run but good news you don't have to do all million miles.  It is in support of Childhood Cancer Research and in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Anything exciting ahead for you this month?  Any fun races planned?


  1. Just did a triathlon today and next weekend is my last one. Boo HOo. Then a half at the end of the month.

  2. Sounds like a good month and a great way to wrap up the end of summer!


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