Friday, September 13, 2013

Fuelin' Up Friday: Pocket Fuel

The quest for fueling options continues!

For last weekend's 15 miler, I tried out something new (shocking) in the fueling department. After hearing lots of great things about PocketFuel online, I figured it was definitely worth a try.  I tried the Chocolate Haze one, but it comes in several other flavors that sound pretty tempting.
Taste: Pretty darn awesome! I really mean that.  It tastes exactly like that hazelnut chocolate spread that we all know and love so much. No problems what so ever with the taste.

Consistency: Nut butter. Many of the reviews I had read recommended adequately massaging the package because it is all natural and can separate. I ran with the envelope in my bra to help pre-warm it and then stopped to take it. I thought massaged it well to mix. Well, um, I guess I didn't mix it well enough. The top half was the consistency of chocolate syrup while the bottom half was thick like natural peanut butter. This lead to me spilling some all over my arm/leg in my excited attempts to eat it. Learning process.

During Run: I actually stopped to take it.  Because of the massaging and need for squeezing to get it all out, I was worried I would run into something if I attempted to do this while running. This could make it a big challenge during a race.  I also took the product with a lot of water.  It is thicker, and I wanted to make sure it was all washed down well.

Post run: No lasting effects or tummy issues.

Cost: 1.8oz pouch for $2.75.  Can also be purchase in bulk sizes.

Summary: I really like PocketFuel.  I had no trouble with the taste even during a hot 15 miler and it gave me no stomach issues (win!).  It contains all real ingredients which is rare to find in many fueling sources. The company is very personable and even took the time to tweet me where the nearest locations were to find PocketFuel! My only issue with it was that because of the massaging and need for water when you take it, it might be difficult to take on the run especially if you are worried about time. I think PocketFuel is perfect for cycling, hiking or other activities where you might be stopping to enjoy the view anyway.  I plan on using it for those kind of things!

Have you tried PocketFuel?


  1. Thanks for the review! Tip on using PF on your run: make sure to squish and squeeze before you go out and open the top to break the seal, saves time and energy.... OR you can add some to a gel flask with water or COCONUT water and have energy and hydration on the GO! --Heidi

    1. Thanks for all your help Heidi! I will try out some of your tips. Can't wait to explore your flavor line a little more too!

  2. I have not tried PocketFuel yet. I also have heard some good things about it and will probably give it a try as soon as I start reaching running mileage that requires midrun fuel.

    1. It really tastes good and that is such a nice change from a lot of fueling options. Make it MUCH easier to take when you might not be totally interested in eating.

  3. It's nice to have a lot of food options while you're exercising. I haven't tried Pocketfuel, but hazelnuts, almonds and cocoa sound like a great combination!


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