Sunday, September 15, 2013

Marathon Training Week #8: It's Halftime!

I am halfway through my 16 week training program. To celebrate, I ran a half.

Monday: 4 miles on the 'mill.  It felt really hard.  Like strugglebus the entire way.  At first I thought I wasn't fully recovered from Friturday's long run, but then I start to feel a little funny during the third mile.  By the fourth, I thought I was blatantly nauseated, but I finished and went to stretch thinking it was exertion based.  Stretching didn't make me felt any better, so I left the gym. Just wasn't my day.

Tuesday: Cross training and weights. Still felt sluggish, but got in time on the bike with my usual strength routine.

Wednesday: Slept very poorly and by the time the alarm went off, I felt like some form of death. My allergies have been giving me a lot of trouble especially at night, and I basically didn't sleep all night and was very congested. Stayed home in bed all day.  No workout.

Thursday: My body felt sore from being sick the day before, but I wanted to go for an easy run so I could stretch out really well. 3.5 miles on the treadmill.

Friday: Rest day. I don't know about you, but it was definitely a Friday the 13th kind of day. Given the week I had already had, I decided not to push my luck and opted for no workout.

Saturday: Heros Half Marathon to benefit the Georgia Wounded Heros. I'll post a full recap, but as a teaser, it involves gas masks, a motor speedway, and a helicopter ride.  Not my regular race recap!

Since I am halfway through training, it's a good time for a check in.

Injury report: My PF is doing much better.  I definitely still have soreness when I don't stretch well, but over all it's improving. I might try a little speed work this week to see how it holds up.  Also, I have one super ugly toe.  It's the usual one that gets icky. I guess it is just not a team player.

Training update: I sticking to the plan pretty darn well. I think I only have missed 2 or 3 workouts and then a handfull that I have modified in someway.  I have not done any speed work because of the foot, but I'm going to try to add it back in.

Brain training: Good.  I am feeling confident and happy with my mileage. I try to keep a fairly relaxed mindset about the whole thing and that has really helped. I've had a few moments of seeing my hard work pay off and feeling stronger, and that really helps drive training.

Fueling: Made some head way.  Still don't have a go to item for super long days, but I have got the hydration thing down. Yeah heat training!

Other: I am at the point in the training cycle where not all my pants are fitting so well because my quads have gotten a little stronger. A few might have to be retired until after the marathon. Small price to pay.

How was your week?  Any big races coming up?


  1. That's going to be a good race recap. I love unusual races.

    1. Sometimes the small ones surprise you!

  2. I am glad to hear you PF is healing, that gives me hope. I cannot wait to see your race recap.

    1. It's been a slow process and I can still feel it sometime, but it is WAY better! Follow the doc. You can do it!


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