Monday, October 7, 2013

Marathon Training Week#11

Week #11 was a cut back week for me and it couldn't have been better time.  Life was a little stressful this week. Let's just say my workouts were effected by the shutdown, but I made sure it didn't shutdown my training.

Monday: 2 mile recovery run after Sunday's 19.5 miler.  Legs felt slow, but no pains/strains/troubles.  Overall, feeling good after a big day.

Tuesday: Rest. The legs deserved it.

Wednesday: Took another day off.  Nothing was wrong physically, just mentally a tough week.

Thursday: 5 mile run-commute.  It was a little hotter than expected when I left work, but I was able to keep the tempo up with out passing out on the way home. Legs are feeling good.

Friday: Resting for the weekend by drinking margaritas.

Saturday/Sunday: I didn't do my long run.  Yep, you read that right. Instead I went out and biked 120 miles with little training. Recap coming soon! That should take care of my cross training for the month.
In the words of Queen, I like to ride my bicycle.
Back on the horse this week.  I am determined to not let the shutdown effect my miles.  Thank heavens the weather is beautiful and making my runs fun.

Do you sometime go 'long' in things other than running (i.e. cycling, hiking, etc)?


  1. I like to try for one day a month to do something strenuous besides running. I'll take my mountain bike out or plan a day hike with a heavier than need be back pack. Always good to diversify your hobbies. haha.

    1. NIce! I like that you plan it. I think I need to work on planning strenuous cross training more often!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I like to squeeze all my cross training for the month into one day.

  3. Wow, 120 miles biking?! That's impressive.

    1. Thanks! My butt has finally recovered!


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