Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Recap

Miles: 56.2

Races: Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon.

Current Running love: The weather.  My northern self is loving these 40 degree, sunny days.  Perfect running weather.

Current Running want: To register for a lot of races, but I am showing restraint and respecting my budget. I have added a couple and am currently deciding between a few late winter marathon options. Anyone ever trained for a Donut Dash?

Things coming in December:

We are still streaking!! How is everyone doing so far?  I unintentionally started two days early, so I am on day 5 and so far, so good.

Marathon Mom and Jill Conyers are hosting a 14 in 2014 Challenge, getting runner to commit to running 14 race in 2014.  It's completely free and a great way to challenge yourself in the new year. So stop by and sign-up!  Tell 'em I sent you!

For anyone who loves A Christmas Story, there is a race to commemorate the 30th anniversary.  Being a huge fan myself, I was pretty darn excited.  The race is taking place in Ohio and passes by many of the locations from the movie. My race budget doesn't allow that kind of travel for a 5 or 10k, but they do have a virtual race complete with leglamp medal.  It kind makes me want to dust off my pink bunny suit or at least drink some Ovaltine.
Oh Fudge, that is a fun medal. Source.

Anyone running a fun holiday race?  There are so many!


  1. Oh my gosh! I need a leg lamp medal!!!
    Your November looks good to me. Any month with a marathon is great!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  2. Congrats again on the marathon finish! Once, I ran to a race (a 10K, I think), raced, ate a post-race donut and then ran back home. Not exactly a donut dash, but sort of!

  3. I badly want to do a donut dash but sadly there are none near me.

  4. I just did the Gobble Wobble and will be doing a Reindeer Run in a week. Exciting!


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