Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Recap!

As predicted, October was very busy. So busy that I didn't even post weekly workout updates! I'm sure you all have been on the edge of your seats wondering how my mileage has been.  My running mileage was definitely down in comparison to previous months, but most of that had to do with trying to taper for 2 marathons in 3 weeks and having a sharp increase in biking. We will see how these changes work out for the second marathon in a week.

Miles: 54.6 running; 127.7 cycling


New experience of the month (though totally not running related): I officiated my brother's wedding! Everything went well and I think I was more nervous than either the bride or groom.  I didn't mess up and it was legal.  Win-win.

This is getting old experience of the month: I bled through my socks again during 7 Bridges Marathon.  This makes me 5 for 5 for sock bleeding during marathons so hooray for being consistent.  The good news is now I am only bleeding through my socks, not my shoes as well. Baby steps or should I say less bloody steps.
Ah, memories. L to R: Goofy Challenge '08, Birmingham Marathon '10, 7 Bridges Marathon '13 
(Houston '06 and NYC '07 not pictured)

Current gear want:  Still want a personal Masseuse.  I unfortunately didn't get one for my birthday. There is always Festivus, right?
The Monster was a witch for the 9th year in a row.  So predictable.

Things I'm excited about: November is finally upon us!  That means Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon is only 7 days away!  Time to start looking at weather reports and over obsessing about what to wear/eat/do for the next 7 days.  Tapers are fun. :P

How was every one's October?  Any big plans for November?


  1. Why do your feet bleed?!?! Ouch!

    1. The first few marathons it was poor fitting shoes (I ran my first in a size 8 and now run in a size 9.5). My feet swell when I run causing my poor toes to blood blister.

  2. Wow! You are doing a lot of racing. Great! Once my foot bled so much (a toenail digging into flesh) that when I looked down and saw my shoe (all red) I thought I must have lost my toe. I hadn't even noticed it but every step down was squishing out blood. I think I threw the shoes away. The cut was nothing!!!

    1. It was so shocking the first time I looked down and saw a bloody shoe! Now I know when it happens without even looking.

  3. My toes used to bleed too, thankfully it was a shoe issue and easily fixable, I wish yours was that simple! Congrats for officiating - that's a big, awesome deal!! If you find a personal masseuse will you get some recommendations ;)

    1. I've switched sizes and brands and it has helped. Slowly but surely I'll find a way to minimize it!

      Thanks! It was a really special experience.


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