Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Motivation: What are you doing for others?

There are so many inspirational and introspective Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, but this is by far my favorite one. It is a great question that can be applied to all aspects of ours lives. Given the day's significance, I found myself thinking about this quote a lot this morning and how it relates to elements of my life, specifically running.  Running and the running community give me so much: support, stress relief, a source of strength, enjoyment, and a way to challenge myself. Because of all the ways running enhances my life, I am constantly looking for ways to pay it forward, use my love for running to "do for others," and make it bigger than just the miles logged.

For me this means raising awareness and running for a reason.  Paying to forward by providing support for people that are facing challenges, whether it is the challenge of a first race or something bigger.

How do you share your love for running with others? Do you use running to "do for others"?

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  1. I am always amazed anyone can sort through thoughts while running. I have a hard time thinking when I run.I guess I have running ADD. I usually do my best thinking in my cool down walk. I try to sign up for runs that benefit local charities I did a handful last year and would like to add more this year :) I also committed to myself that I would volunteer this summer for a few events since I can't run well in the heat.
    Looking through all your running events you give a lot back to others!


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