Monday, February 10, 2014

Chocolate Island Boost Contest

Remember when I went on and on last fall about Chocolate Island Boost and it kind of seemed like I was teasing you because it wasn't even available for purchase?  And you probably thought it sounded awesomely tasty, but were more than a little annoyed you couldn't have some. Well, I have some good news.  Not only is it in production and finally for sale on the Island Boost website, but I have some that I'm giving away! For reals. A Gift from me to you.  A kind of apology for teasing you like that last fall.
Available just in time for Valentine's Day (hint, hint).
But there's a catch. You didn't think I was just going to give it to you?  You do have to do a little thinking for it, but it's worth it. Promise.

What you have to do:
In just under 2 weeks, I am running both the 5k and the marathon during the 26.2 with Donna weekend. In order to win the Chocolate Island Boost, you have to guess my combined finish time (hours and minutes) for the two events. We are going by Price is Right rules here, so it is the closest to my combined finish time without going over.
For example, if you think I will run a 17 minute 5k and a 2:20 marathon, then your guess would be 02:37 (which is probably a little under, but still a solid guess). If you think I am going to have trouble making it out of the Dunkin' Donuts tent at the starting line (Seriously!), you might guess something like 09:32 for both races (also a good guess). All you need to do is comment below with your guess. Anyone who has donated to my 26.2 with Donna Fundraising (any amount) gets a second guess for being awesome. If two people guess the same time, it goes to the first person who guessed it.
What the winner gets:
The winner will get 5 packs of Chocolate Island Boost. But to sweeten the pot just a little more, if the winner also happened to donate to my 26.2 with Donna Fundraising campaign (any amount), I will throw in a pack of each of the other flavors of Island Boost as well as some #RunDonna flair. Mmm, hmm. You read that right. Bonuses for being a good person.

What everyone wins:
If you are eager to try Island Boost, head on over to their website use the RunningEB coupon code.  When you order 10 packs, Laura, the mastermind behind Island Boost, will throw in one pack for free. It's a great way to try out all the flavors and see which one is your favorite.

So guess away. If the contest goes well, expect a few more like it in the future.

Follow this link to visit my 26.2 with Donna Fundraising campaign:

All entries must be received by Midnight EST on 02/21/2014.  The winner will be announced once I find my calculator and total everything up (probably on 02/24/2014).  Big Thank You to Island Boost for supplying products for the contest and being rock stars in general. I reserve the right to make any decisions regarding the outcome.


  1. How exciting! Race weekend is nearly here! I'm going to guess 4:31. Fun way to choose the winner!

  2. I'm going to guess 4:15. Fun idea.

  3. I'm going to guess 4:27.

  4. I really like this contest. I will have to steal this idea. :)
    First guess 4:40
    Second guess (donating) 4:33

  5. My guess is $1.00..KIDDING I love The Price is Right! My actual guess is 4:28.

    1. Um, Anonymous, do you have a name? Gonna be hard to give you a prize if you win!

  6. Great contest!! I am going to go with 4:14 .. but only based on the other guesses. haha.
    Hope it's a huge success as a fundraiser!

  7. I am in...I am going with 4:13:57 :) have a super weekend!

  8. Hi EB... ok my first guess is 4:41:31 (26:31 5k & 4:15 M) Second Guess -- I gladly donated (congrats on meeting your fundraising goal) 4:36:00. It's seems to be a flat course but it may be a little hot on marathon day. @Victor__runs

  9. Okay my second guess is 4:15:39 let see if I get some yummy Island Boost ;)

  10. Congrats on meeting your first fundraising goal!! Can't wait to hear all about the race. My guesses...4:17 (why not haha) and 4:25.

  11. Best of success in the dual races ... And congrats on the successful fund raising for a great cause. I am guessing a combined 4:16 for you.

  12. what a fun way to do a giveaway! my guess is 4:23:19...good luck! :-)


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