Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday 5: #RunDonna Edition

As I get ready to make the drive to Jacksonville, I thought I would drop you all a note of how you can follow along on all the excitement this weekend. I'll be updating twitter and instagram (@runningeb), but also check out @262withDonna on twitter & instagram, and on facebook as well!
1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!  I reached my fundraising goal (again)! The taffeta has been hemmed and I've packed extra body glide.  Always the sign of a good weekend.
2. Galloway Method:  I had been planning on at least starting the marathon with a pace group. Turns out the pace groups use the Galloway method (run+walk intervals).  Now I am a bit torn on joining one.  Has anyone tried one?  Thoughts?  Mentally it makes me nervous to be walking during the first and second mile of marathon, but I know the program works and a lot of people have positive things to say about it.

3. Race day tracking:  For those of you eager to know how you did in the Chocolate Island Boost Contest (I'm looking at you David, ok you too Monica), here are my bib numbers.  Feel free to follow along, race track, send me good vibes as I sweat my way through Florida, and cheer for me anyway you know how.
4. Here's the Ambassador crew, including yours truly.  Check out their blogs, why they are running, and get ready to see them in some photos from the weekend.

5. Last but not least, Race Day Goals!  OK, I'll be honest.  I am not feeling as pumped up as I did before Chickamauga.  I had a wacky taper this time (longer than usual and including changes to my running routine) and mentally took a toll.  I starting to get excited and have high hopes for the day. I think getting to the expo will help get me excited.

  • A goal: PR the marathon (when is this not a goal?)
  • B goal: Sub 4:15 marathon
  • C goal: Smile, have fun, and soak in the spirit of the race.
What are you weekend plans?  How do you get mentally ready for a big race?


  1. I'll be cheering for you. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Have a great weekend, and fun/fabulous runs.

  3. I ran the Seattle Marathon with a pace group. The pacer went out pretty fast and I wanted to quit early on, but maybe that would have happened anyway! You could always start with them and keep running when they walk. If they plan to finish at the same time, I guess you'd see them throughout the race.


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