Sunday, February 9, 2014

#RunDonna Update

Once again, HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported my 26.2 with Donna Fundraising and training.  I am overjoyed to announce that with your help, I broke my fundraising goal!!
Since there is still 2 weeks left until race day, I decided to set a new goal and if I hit it, I will wear a Breast Cancer Pink Bridesmaid's dress during the 5k.  It's a pretty spectacular strapless taffeta number, so it will lead to some of the most unique race photos of all times. And of course I will post them.  But we've got to break the new goal to make it happen!
Yes, the dress is this pink!
As I mentioned earlier this week in my February Goals post, I will post my first contest here tomorrow!  Heads up, 26.2 with Donna donors will get a little advantage! And, yes, this might be involved:
As far as running goes, my work schedule is finally returning to normal, with that so is my workout schedule.  I got in several quality runs this week (quality not quantity, right?), including a 5 mile tempo run-commute (8:18/mile pace) where I found $1.  This running thing is really starting to pay. :)

How was your week? How do you fit in your workouts when life gets hectic?

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  1. Congrats on meeting your goal!

  2. Congrats on reaching your fundraising goals!

    Have you heard anything about that ambassador gig I sent you on Twitter?

  3. Congrats on doing a fantastic job with your fundraising! And on finding that dollar on your run. :) When I'm really busy, I actually schedule in my workouts. My calendar currently has all of the yoga classes I plan to attend this week and times when I plan to get up to run. Having everything in the calendar helps me because I don't have to remember to make time to get in my workouts--I already have that time scheduled out.

  4. I so wish I had thought about this race before picking my goal half marathon as it's the week before this or I would totally be there! Congrats on the fundraising!!

  5. I am so glad you met your fundraising goal :) Congrats!


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