Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Recap

Miles: 54.35 (a short month with a taper and bad weather!)

26.2 with DONNA 5k
Obviously, I was not fully awake yet, but I had my taffeta on!
26.2 with DONNA Marathon
Never ending smiles that day. :)
By the way, 26.2 with DONNA registration is open for next year!  It's February 13-15th and there is good chance I could be there again.  Feel free to join me! :)

Highlight of the Month:
Meeting these ladies.
And these crazy people!
Not-so-Highlight of the Month: Being iced into our home and missing workouts.

What I am looking forward to next month: Vacation!  It might get a little quiet around the blog for a few days, but have no fear.  I will return reenergized and relaxed with new stories and photos! Lots of things coming up when I return.

Funny item of the month: Because you all got such a kick out of my awkward ribbon photo, I thought I would share this gem from after a half marathon a few years ago. Neither I nor the Jayhawk noticed how funny it was until someone commented on facebook.  I need to pay a little more attention when taking photos. :)
How was your month?  Anything exciting coming up in March?


  1. Funny photo! I would have guessed you planned it. What a great month you had and now you're adding a vacation to March? Good times!

    1. No, we are not creative enough to plan that!

      I didn't get to take anytime off during the holidays, so I am very excited for a break! :)

  2. Hopefully this winter will be done soon and you won't be iced in anymore.

  3. I am snowed again here :/ I can't believe it! That's a great photo lol Enjoy your time off. March 29th is 10K day for me other than that no big plans yet.

  4. *snowed in ...always the typo queen

  5. I totally agree that the snow/ice/cold needs to go away. Have fun on vacation!

    That photo is hilarious!


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