Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Non-traditional Race Goals

Changing your race day goals. Once you've run long enough, it's bound to have happened to you at some point. You may have had an injury during training, or a head cold leading up to race day, but whatever the cause, at some point you face going into a race knowing that a PR or even a course best is not in the cards. The focus won't be on speed that day, but on fun.
This is the only way I am running fast this weekend.
So what do you do? Previously when my fitness hasn't been optimal, I've fun run races with friends of a different pace, treated races as long runs with lots of people cheering me on, and worn plenty of flair. But sometimes you just need a new way to mix it up and enjoy the day.  A few years ago I decided to PR the number of high-fives I gave during the Peachtree Road Race and I ended up somewhere in the 60s. It was a lot of fun and produced a lot of smiles among the little fans.
Who wouldn't want a high-five from this crazy nut?
Sunday looks to be one of those days.  With a foot that is still improving, some iffy fitness because of time off due to said foot, and a hilly course, speed is not on the menu.  But that doesn't mean I'm just going to take it easy.  I'm always up for a challenge and adventure, so I'm looking for a new way to experience a course that I've already raced 3 times. Seeing as I can't juggle or knit, both of those are off the list. Given that we are only a few days from race day, any costume ideas need to be pretty simple. And seeing how I already mastered eating donuts while running, I won't be doing that either.

So this is how I spent my week while waiting for my foot to heal (I'm not good at being inactive). Plotting, dreaming, and scheming up ideas for race day. So yes, there is a good chance I will be trying something new (again) on race day for half #20 and I am open to suggestions!

It was hilarious. Note: Need to practice selfie skills.
Do you find other ways to challenge yourself on race day?  What creative ways have you heard of people having fun on race day?


  1. Oh my gosh the IG'ed is too funny!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with. lol. I just recently heard about the guy that dribbles basketballs the entire way during marathons.

  3. I want to see you with the man candy at every mile. Love that idea. Or you could be getting a big smooch at every mile.

  4. I am sorry your foot injury, the pics did look painful. I guess enjoy the fresh air and sights. Did you see the article about the gal who took pictures of cute guys recently during her half marathon? lol

  5. Hopefully you still have fun, good luck!


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