Sunday, June 1, 2014

50k Training Week 3: 5/26-6/1

Monday: Enjoyed a nice day off from work with the Jayhawk and relaxed.
Planned: Rest  Actual: Rest

Tuesday: Introduced the Purple Mile Eaters to the treadmill. Their treads are almost too new where they feel a little slippery on the treadmill, but nothing a few more road miles won't fix. Did arms and core strengthening.
Planned: 5 miles   Actual: 5 miles (8:40/mile pace)

Wednesday: I had hoped to do a tempo style run, but it was insanely humid and by mile 3 I just didn't think it was going to happen because I was having a lot of trouble finding another gear. Around 4.75 miles into the run I started to hear thunder and then a block later the lightening began. It was rather close by, causing me to pick up the pace a bit (for some reason it's easier to do speed work when potential electrocution is on the line) and head for home. I never actually got rained on, but I could tell that it had rained in all the neighborhoods close to home so I decided not to tempt fate and called it at 7.7 when I arrived home. So, yes, I got in my tempo run. I also ate a bug during the run, but that was my only fueling. Foam rolled for recovery.
Planned: 8 miles   Actual: 7.7 miles (8:34/mile pace)
Still crazy after all these years.
Thursday: Got in some impromptu speed work in the morning when Mia Monster decided to chase a cat while out on our walk. At no point was I worried about the cat, more the potential for a car hitting my monster, so I sprinted around like a nut to make sure traffic slowed down as the she-beast finished her chase. No cats or dogs were harmed during the event. Maybe it's her new dog food, but that old girl has got some impressive speed including a very explosive start. I could learn a lot from her especially about the importance of rest. Got in a run later and well as some core work. Foam rolled and had a beer for recovery.
Planned: 5 miles  Actual: 5 miles (8:44/mile pace)

Friday: I was really happy for Friday to arrive. I may have rested a little too hard.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
Beer makes everything better, right?
Saturday: Needed a recovery day after Friday's rest day (read: I was a little hungover).  Thank heavens the Jailhouse Brewery 5k that the Jayhawk and I were running wasn't until 6pm.  I'm not a big 5k runner, but the promise of craft beer at the finish gets me every time. There was a quick rainstorm at the end of the race, but it all cleared in time for the tasting. Full recap coming tomorrow.
Planned: 8 miles   Actual: 3.1 miles (7:46/mile pace)

Sunday: Moved Saturday's long run to Sunday and Sunday's run will happen on Monday.  A little shifting in the schedule to make everything work and get in all my miles. Nothing too exciting to report about this run except that it was a mere 16 hours after the brewery 5k and I felt no ill effects, but was a little tired.  Foam rolled for recovery.
Planned: 6 miles   Actual: 8.5 miles (8:58/mile pace)

How was your week? Any races, impromptu animal chases, or wildlife consumption on your runs?


  1. I like that Mia has spunk! You had a great week. I love a cold beer or glass of wine, but it does impact my runs...sadly lol I hate swallowing bugs! I've had a few already this season too...sometimes they feel stuck in my throat.

    1. Mia is a total nut still! That bug was stuck in my throat for a half a mile. I think I drank a liter just trying to get rid of it!

  2. Awesome workout week. And glad Friday's rest day was so fun.

    1. Thanks Abby! It was maybe too fun! :P


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