Friday, July 18, 2014

50k training week 10:7/14-7/20

Double Digits. It's week 10 folks.

When planning my 50k training schedule, I failed to plan in any sort of recovery for Saturday's 39k. I guess I really didn't think about the fact that I was running essentially a trail marathon with no taper, and that I might need some time afterward (not a smart runner). This week, I listened to my body for what it needed for recovery instead of staying faithful to the plan (smarter runner). I ended up taking a lot more time off than I imagined this week, but to be honest, between running and work I was a bit mentally burned out and needed to push the reset button.

Monday: So my toes still look like dog food (wet, not dry), but I'm feeling nice, so I won't post pictures of them. You are welcome.
Planned: Rest   Actual: More recovery Yoga

Tuesday: Not a great run, but it had a purpose. It took a few miles for my legs to loosen up and get in stride, but I felt much better afterward. I called it at 3 miles because my toes and legs still felt beat.
Planned: 5 miles   Actual: 3 miles (9:13/mile pace)

Wednesday: Feeling much more like myself today and was able to run an easy 5 on the treadmill. Felt good to stretch the legs, but still didn't want to push the toes too bad. One of them still looks like a cherry tomato.
Planned: 10 miles   Actual: 5 miles (8:58/mile pace)

Thursday: I was really overtired. No other way to describe it. I hit the wall at work at noonish. Took the day off from working out, had a relaxing night, and went to bed early. Work has been ridiculously stressful this week, so I just needed a break.
Planned: 6 miles   Actual: Rest

Friday: Took my rest day as planned. Did foam roll and do some light yoga.
Planned: Rest   Actual: Rest
As seen on my run.
Saturday: Woke to a very rainy morning, so I slept in a ran in the afternoon. It was a little harder of a run than I planned because of the humidity, but it felt nice to sweat. Foam rolled and light yoga.
Planned: 12 miles   Actual: 6.75 miles (8:42/mile pace)

Sunday: Woke up feeling like death and wasn't able to keep down food most of the day. Forced day off.
Planned: 10 miles   Actual: None!

I really enjoyed this article by Chris McCormack about "Embracing the suck".  No seriously, that's what it is about. It's about learning to mentally endure, one of the most important aspects of endurance sports. I am constant working on embracing the suck, as the suck is continuously changing.
How was your week?  Do you ever mentally need a break as much as physically?


  1. Very smart week. I struggle with planning the recovery weeks as well but I have really been embracing a run as you feel plan and I'm really liking it. I'm reading that article today, I suck A LOT so I could use all the help I can get lol

    1. Thanks Schlub. It's always challenging to judge recovery time.

  2. I hope your feet heal up soon! Have you ever tried the "legs up the wall" yoga pose? (You essentially just get your butt up against a wall and sit there for like 5 minutes with your legs in the air.) Helps drain old blood/lymph from the feet and legs so you new blood can flow in. Might be helpful with the toe swelling. :)

    1. My toes are doing much better! Yes, the legs on the wall pose has been very helpful.

  3. Glad you gave your body some extra rest days.
    Sorry for the forced sick day off. Those are the worst.

    1. Sometimes, you just have to rest. I think it paid off this time too.

  4. Did you catch a bug? I hate feeling yuck like that. You ran for a really long time during the 39K! I am sure your body needed rest. Your poor toes, hopefully they are feeling healthier now. I still think the Trot race was really good to help you manage your 50 miler :) You will be better prepared for doing it.

    1. I don't know what happened on Sunday, but I am feeling much better. My toes are doing much better and I'm already look at new options for trail shoes. I'm not making it 50k in my current ones!

  5. Nice job being a smarter runner! Even if it was a bit easier than planned, you still had a great week of training. Keep it up. And hope those toes heal quickly!

  6. you are good about listening to your body...sometimes I'm not...and wish I would. hope this week was better!


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