Wednesday, July 9, 2014

6 ways to Beat the Heat and Island Boost Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the #BeatTheHeat contest! I loved to hear your tricks to keep running when the temps keep rising. Now that it is July, it seems like summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter. As promised here are some of the best tips and tricks people submitted. Make sure to stop by and check out their blogs!

1. Fellow Georgia heat survivor, Miranda over at Miranda in Motion loves to run where there are creeks so she can splash around to cool off.
2. To beat the temps in TN, Lisa from Because I Can (and from my Ragnar Trails Atlanta Team) runs with a bandana in her hand to constantly wipe off sweat. Mid run she pours water from her fuel belt on it to cool down. She also plans her runs to go through a park that has a water fountain so she can re-fill.
I didn't have a picture of a bandana, so I used a picture of the beach (both start with B and are good ways to cool down.  I'm sure Lisa won't mind.

3. To Beat the Texas Heat, Tina at Gotta Run Now likes to stop at water fountains to put water on her neck, arms and legs.
Probably not the type of fountain Tina was talking about, but refreshing none the less.

4. Abby from Back at Square Zero runs with hydration and heads out early as she sweats it out in SC.
Full disclosure: This might be a sunset and not a sunrise, but you get the idea.
5. Raina at Small Town Runner likes to beat the heat by jumping in the pool right after a long run through the Pacific Northwest. (I'm so jealous).
A dip in a pool post summer long run might be the best thing ever.
6. Also Beating the Texas Heat, Beth from Racing Robsons fills her Camelbak with ice to keep her back cool and have ice water to drink.
I don't recommend filling your Camelbak with ice cream, but it's another great way to cool down.
Shown: Salted Caramel with chocolate jimmies.

Thanks to everyone who entered for all the great tips! As promised, one randomly selected tip gets the prize:
The winner of the Island Boost prize pack is Tina!  Keep on beating the heat down in Texas Tina! I promise not-summer will come eventually! Please email me (info is on contact page) so I can get your prizes in the mail.
*The prize pack includes more stuff than this, I just didn't have a picture.
Keep on staying cool folks! There will be more Island Boost to giveaway later in the summer. I'm thinking another round of The Pace is Right!
Do you like contests? Any ideas for future ones?


  1. See you on Saturday where we can use some of these tips for sure!

    1. Yes, see you Saturday! I'll be in the Island Boost hat.

      P.S. I'm a little nervous! 39k is a long way.

  2. Thank you for the Island Boost! I've never tried it before and look forward to trying it. Your pictured water fountain is a little bit fancier than the one I use at the park - just a little bit!!!

    1. Haha, I didn't have any pictures of a regular fountain, so that one had to do. I hope you enjoy the Island Boost!

  3. I love all the tips! I do appreciate sprinklers when I run in the morning and usually stop at least once to flush my eyes to get the sweat out. Even with a headband on my eyes can to burning from all the sweat.

    1. Yes, something to keep the sweat out of your eyes is super important. Good one Karen!

  4. Congrats Tina, can't believe I forgot to post my beat the heat tips geez. Loved the contest!!

    1. Thanks, I could always use more running fuel!

    2. You were a little busy with that whole wedding thing, Schlub! There will be more contests!


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